Argonaut Male (72) from Lancashire

N.B. The current Profile photo of me playing a guitar was taken about 17 years ago - I am not attempting to deceive anyone with respect to my looks (there are other photos of me in my Galleries) - it's just a temporary measure until I can come up with a better, more recent, one.

“Oh would some power the giftie gie us,
to see ourselves as others see us.”

(Robert Burns – To A Louse)

Wouldn't it be great if that was possible? Unfortunately , no two people see the same things, especially when it comes to individuals – so, the best I can do is describe myself as I hope most people see me.

Yes, I'm a pedantic ol' bugger at times but only when it comes to Facts and Acts - I try to get things right so is it not unreasonable to expect others to put a bit of effort into it? Having said that, I don't expect perfection, of myself or others – that's boring – and leaves no scope for improvement. I am intelligent and fairly well read in many of the science subjects as I have a very inquisitive mind and, at times, an experimental nature. I like using my hands as well as my brain – which leaves me moderately, to fairly well, accomplished in many things especially in DIY. One of my favourite programs on TV is QI (I admire Stephen Fry) as it shows that all is not as one believes it to be.

And now for the good points: I can be affectionate, tactile, and committed (“To an Asylum” – some would say!), all with a sense of humour!

One way of getting a good insight would be to read my Posts on the Threads as it's always a case of WYSIWYG.

(I might add a bit more here when I can think of something suitable!)

P.S. I have two grown up lads who do not live at home and I am currently trying to give up smoking!

How would I describe a potential partner?

I don't have a prescriptive view but someone who believes they can understand me – and more importantly, put up with me – would be a good prerequisite. High on the list, too, would be a capacity to share affection, tactility (Is that the right word?), commitment and other partnership enhancing attributes.

Thank you for reading my profile – will I hear from you?

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I'm 72 years old and come from Lancashire in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with two children. I'm 5' 6" tall and of average build. I'm a smoker and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating, friendship and hobbies and interests.

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I found the little Bug ger on my window ledge - seen at 20x magnification. The ruler shows millimetres.
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Me at 7 1/2 months old (allegedly!).
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