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Did you know there have been literally thousands of Midsummer's Eve meetups, ranging from huge central London events to one or two people meeting for a quiet drink. We only have photos of a small number of meetups, and here is a list of all the meets we have photos for.

Saltaire- Hebden Bridge Narrowboat Meet Submitted by travman
Thanks to all who braved the fine weather to attend. Special thanks to Bluewaterbabe who flew in from Spain to be with us.Although it was the last narrowboat meet of the season, it was for me one of the friendliest, funniest ones I've had the pleasure of organising. Thanks again- Trav.

MSE Newbury Ball Submitted by Shamrock14
November 16th 2013

Newbury Big Meet Nov 2013 Submitted by -Soulmajik
Having a good time

The Big MSE Meetup, Thatcham. Submitted by badman
The Big MSE Meetup, Thatcham. 16.11.2013.

The Ball Submitted by I-am-Roy
Saturday 16 November 2013

Big Meet 2013 Submitted by Judance
November 15-17

To Hell and Back - 23 Feb 2013 Submitted by Mothballs
A delightful stroll from Bournemouth to Sandbanks, kindly organised by geminigirl1.

Newbury Meet Submitted by Shamrock14
26th Jan 2013

Newbury Submitted by Exl
Newbury meet organised by Judance

Bath Christmas Market Meet Submitted by AndyMacG
Just a few Photos of my day at the Bath Christmas market, meeting up with some old friends and a couple of new ones as well Andy Mac

Winch Mob Submitted by Mothballs
Memories of a smashing day out in Winchester, October 7th, 2012.

Bishops Castle Shropshire Submitted by AndyMacG
Bishops Castle camping meet crew for 6th Oct 2012 were Woo, Jem95, Pindy, FineFella, KrazyKamperKess and JohnLock

Nantcol near Llanbedr Submitted by JEM95
And the sun shone ...

Rochdale canal boat trip 2012 Submitted by LadyfromLeeds
Narrow boat from Hebden Bridge to Sowerby Bridge

Babes and Boys gathered around Badmans blue blanket and had fun in the sun.

MSE meet near Buxton Submitted by JEM95
Fun & frolics in the Peak District

Sat around doing nowt in particular

camping near Buxton Submitted by LLstill
Camping july 2012

Essex Meet Submitted by Shamrock14
July 7th 2012

Horsham Meet 7th July 2012 Submitted by AndyMacG
A quiet tranquil meet in Horsham West Sussex organised by the lovely Ravspal,

Tewkesbury Meet 9th and 10th June 2012 Submitted by PollyValentiniusPoppy
My first MSE Meet both as organiser and attendee. Excellent pics taken by the very talented AndyMacG. Thanks Andy you are a Star.

Middlewich Folk Music & Narrowboat Festival 2012 Submitted by travman
Thanks to all those who turned up in attrocious weather to see the bands and boats.

Camping in Austwick Submitted by Happy_etc
Camping meet 2 June to 5 June 2012

Dalesbridge Camping 01 06 2012 Submitted by In-Focus
Fantastic meet and a Great time with a leaky bed, seeing the sights of signal boxes and a Saturday disco to beat anything for a 1000 miles. Disco fever with stuttering CD's, Scratching CD' head cleaner now 42 ballet version v Sex pistols, a mine shaft hole in the dance floor and a pole dancer without a pole. Looking forward to the next one.

Austwick Camping Meet June 2012 Submitted by Darjeeling
Fun and waterfalls in the Dales

Morecambe-on-the-mud Submitted by Argonaut
Late on a cold and damp afternoon three intrepid MSE members (well two intrepid ones and one ringleader) decided to visit Morecambe-on-the-mud and dragged me along to bear witness to their presence.

Ravenstonedale, May 2012 Submitted by JEM95
Fun and laughter under canvas

North Devon Meet Submitted by Shamrock14
Easter 2012

peterborough april 12 Submitted by lynn1963
What a fab weekend! Bingo, walk round lake and lunch.

Black Tie Ball - 25 Feb 2012 Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Just a few photos my sister took on the night.

Black Tie Ball 2012 Submitted by Ever_Hopeful
Photos from 2012 Ball

Dottigab 2012 Submitted by Mothballs
A Selection of Pics from the 2012 MSE Black Tie Ball in Eastwood, Nottingham.

MSE Meet-Up December 2011. Submitted by MangoM
RatPack night at Fiveways in Charminster, Bournemouth. What a great night we all had!

Magic Mikes 70th Birthday Bash Submitted by Shamrock14
In the heart of Essex - Shut Up - OMG!!

Newbury Meet Submitted by Shamrock14
November 2011

Nantcol North Wales Sept 2011 Submitted by Pindy
Not even gale force winds and torrential rain on the weather forecast deterred these hardy campers. A great bunch of people, a great location, a great time. Lots more photos available from Buono, Colonel Mustard, MikenWales, MemoryFullWooster, Darjeeling and AndyMacG.

Henley Meet Submitted by Shamrock14
Aug 27th 2011

Hebden Bridge Narrowboat meet Submitted by travman
My thanks go out to the crew who helped make it the day it was even the rain couldnt dampen their enthusiasm

Windsor Meet July 16th Submitted by Judance
Just a few photos from a lovely day

Wye Valley walking Submitted by MissAlanius
Two days of walking and lots of laughing! Passing through Bakewell and Ashford in the Water the weather was scorching!

Final night in Peterborough Submitted by lynn1963
At the Granary Inn for dinner

PeterboroughMay11 Submitted by lynn1963
Sat night at Jimmy Spice and Sunday party in the park

North Devon Meet Submitted by Shamrock14
Easter - April 2011

Newbury Meet 2011 Submitted by Shamrock14
Lock Stock & Barrel - April 10th 2011

Narrowboat meet from Preston Brook, Warrington Submitted by travman
Another good day spent with friends on the Bridgewater Canal.

valentines party Submitted by lynn1963
a fab end to a great weekend at the valentines party

Peterborough Shopping Afternoon Submitted by lynn1963
A fun day out shopping (especially in Ann Summers!)

Peterborough Dogs Meet Submitted by lynn1963
What fun we had at the doggies!

Middlewich Folk Music & Narrowboat Festival 2010 Submitted by travman
This must rate as one of the best meets Ive been to. Of course the success of these events is always down to the people who turned up and what a great bunch of people you all where. Many thanks to Twinkly13 ( Carole) who organised this event.

Lakeside Essex lunch meet June 2010 Submitted by lynn1963
Lovely lunch out at TGI Fridays

Llangollen Weekend Submitted by travman
A few MidsummersEvers met to discuss future events here.

31 Jan 2010 - Nottm Sunday Lunch Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Just a few snaps taken after dinner at the Burntstump in Nottingham.

Peterborough 21 November 2009 Submitted by Optimus_Prime
Here are the best of the bunch of photos I took during the evening. A very enjoyable evening and a big thank you to my friend Shaz_xx for arranging this one..

Cambridge meet.. Submitted by Angel-of-the-north
Fun day for everyone.

14-16 August 2009 - Skegness Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Just a few snaps from a good fun weekend!

Skegness Meet Up 14 08 2009 Submitted by In-Focus
Few of us went to Skegness for a couple of days ... hope you like the pictures

Skegness Submitted by MissAlanius
Sun Sea Sand And Beer. Ive uploaded a few pictures I hope you like them.

Notts curry meet Submitted by justjoannie
Another fab night was had by all courtesy of the Notts Posse

Llangollen Narrowboat Meet Submitted by travman
Despite the atrocious weather on the Friday, the next day the sun came out. Many thanks to all who travelled up and had an excellent day meeting old friends and making some new ones. Thanks to Carole ( Twinkly13 ) for organising what proved again to be a thoroughly enjoyable few days.

Scarborough Meet Up 02 07 2009 Submitted by In-Focus
4 fantastic days and 3 brill nights of meeting new people who I hope to meet again soon. Well I hope you like the photos...I enjoyed taking and editing them. Mike

14 June 2009 - Kazs Nottm Meet Submitted by RoseyCheeks
A few photos I took after lunch.

27 June 2009 - Cambridge Meet Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Just a few photos from Nurses most excellent punting meet.

Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival 19-21June-09 Submitted by travman
A visit by members of MSE to the Middlewich Folk music & Boat Festival. My apologies for not having many photos of the group members ( only one). I tended to photograph the events going on around us rather than individuals. To those that came along and I met up with, I know you all had a fun time and hope (like me ) you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.

The Yorkshire Dales June 2009 Submitted by MissAlanius
24 people in total turned up to the meet through the weekend. Most of us stayed at the youth hostel in Kettlewell for two nights some and some camped near by.Everyone had fun. Saturday we climbed a waterfall in Gordale and I got soaked as usual .Sunday was spent in Ingleton a quaint little village. Most of us stayed at the youth hostel in Kettlewell for two nights some and some camped near by. Were already thinking of going back again next year !!! I hope you enjoy the photos. x

Chinese Buffet in Wigan Submitted by travman
An enjoyable evening was had by the MSE group and friends at The Chinese Buffet in Wigan. At one point a food fight developed between two ladies who tried to out eat each other. I lost count by the time they got to the 4th plate of food, or was it the 5th. Sunshinesmile won on points due to the fact she got to the ice cream factory first.

50th Party Submitted by MAXIMUS
These are some of the photos taken at my 50th party at the house of Maximus in the Limousin France on 2nd May , it was a blast , a great evening ,weekend , week of those rare moments in life that you will always look back on and enjoy ! ..Maxi x ... Special thanks to Argonaut and Foxylady1952 for all the hard work they put in to make the party possible ...Many Thanks .

16 May 2009 Nottm Kite Birthday Meet Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Buffet Meal Followed By Music At The Approach

Maximus Party - France 2009 Submitted by cakeloving
Wow...a truly memorable MSE bash! I take no responsibility for any of the descriptions given below...

easter in devon 2009 Submitted by Tina_B
friends gathered in a beautiful part of the country that is home to lambsey and phantussy for a weekend of merriment

devon meet Submitted by Tweetie Pie
A great time had by all and the sun shone and shone.

Devon 09 Submitted by Desert Warrior
A mix of the best pics when all and sundry turned up at Devon.

Calke and Conkers 4th and 5th April 2009 Submitted by MissAlanius
A weekend meet up arranged by Mums the Word and Late Trucker!

Derbyshire Weekend Submitted by AlwaysAndy
A walk round Calke Abbey on saturday led by Mums the word and a ramble round the Conkers centre nearby on sunday for Late truckers birthday

newbury meet Submitted by Tweetie Pie
We all had a great time..I was a sunday afternooner and my photos are only with a phonecam but hey!

Valentines Meet 2009 Submitted by Smile
Small but select group met in Henrys Bar for a meet on the very day of the St Valentines celebration.

Plymouth meet Submitted by Desert Warrior
A big thanks to all who attended.

Snow Ball Submitted by Camelian
These photos were taken by the DJ Daves view of the dancers He said he could have played on all night as he was enjoying playing for such a great crowd of people

1 Feb 2009 - Nottm Sunday Lunch Meet Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Usual Venue... Unusual People... And a bit of crayoning for the big kids!

Spain Jan 2009 Submitted by Angel-of-the-north
A visit with some lovely folks from MSE

Snowball Submitted by Exl
Some photos from the Snowball where it looked like everyone had fun

Manchester meet 27 Dec 2008 Submitted by Darkhorse
Manchester Twixmas Meet at the Printworks on Sat 27 Dec 2008, organised by Chrissie101. Only 6 of us were left by the time these piccies were taken, the lightweights had already gone home as it was past their bedtime LOL

Curbar walk 28th December 08 Submitted by brianp
On a cold & windy morning in late December we arrived at the car park meeting place.after a few cuddles to get warm everyone had arrived. We set off in hope of getting warm, with Rachel our leader for the day striding out. As we got to the top of the hills the sun started to shine but the wind was still cold.After a few miles one of our main stars realised he had lost his camera and went back to try to find it, which luckily he did(told not to mention his name so done worry Looi i wont say it was you).we eventually got to our lunch time stop and had a nice cuppa at the cafe.Having warmed up and fully refueled we were ready for the rest of the walk. We set of torches at the ready incase it got dark.Having climbed a few large bolders as all kids do on the way,we eventually got back to the car park and said our goodbyes. A great days walk organised by Rachel.

29 Nov 2008 Leeds Market Meet Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Miss_terious Leeds German Christmas Market Meet

Mam Tor Submitted by AlwaysAndy
After seeing the lights turned on in Castleton we took a stroll to the top of Mam Tor

22 Nov 2008 BikingViking Sponsored Shave Meetup Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Photos From BVs Sponsored Shave Meetup In Aid Of Para-Teds - Sterile Bears Used To Calm Injured Children & Aid Communication.

Castleton lights Submitted by Maccmann
A few pictures of our suaree to Peveril Castle and The festivities in Castleton for the Christmas lights turn-on

Dovedale Walk Saturday 8th Nov 2008 Submitted by Maccmann
A very enjoyable walk around the Dove and surrounding area

Halloween Party...Bury Submitted by Maccmann
A collection of pictures captured at the haunting in Pics Bar Bury on 31st October 2008

Andy and Janes mystery Walk 26th Oct 2008 Submitted by Maccmann
Pics from the walk from Winster Near Bakewell

Bolsover fireworks Submitted by Maccmann
A very entertaining evening spent watching a display of music and fireworks in the grounds of Bolsover castle followed by a feast prepared by Steph!

Winster Walkies Submitted by AlwaysAndy
A lovely Autumn day striding through the mud around Winster and Birchover

Round Robin Oct 2008 Submitted by Devon-Wench
It was great to meet up with new members as well as known ones too. We started off in the alternative town of Totnes taking an open top bus over to Paignton to alight the steam train to Kingswear. From there the passenger ferry delivered us to Dartmouth for lunch. After food and liquid refreshment we cruised back up the Dart River back to Totnes

Windsor Meet 18 October 2008 Submitted by Nemesis
A fun intimate evening.

Round Robin Oct 18 Submitted by Honey
MSE group on tour in Devon

Peterborough Meet 11th October 2008 Submitted by Pboro Trevor
Another great night with old and new friends

Pboro Meet 11 Oct 08 Submitted by Desert Warrior
Here is the incriminating evidence... Thanks to everyone for making it a great meet.

Mushroom Walk 5th October 2008 Submitted by Maccmann
An afternoon educational walk organised by Derbyshire County Council to show the variety of Fungi in just a very small area of countryside!

5 Oct 2008 - Nottm Sunday Lunch Meet Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Tipsy diners... Photos courtesy of Kevin108

20 Sept 2008 - Nottm Ghost Walk & Curry Meet Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Thanks to everyone who attended and made it such a good night, and thanks also too to Badman who has shared his photos with us here too.

26 July 2008 Nottingham Meet Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Just a few photos from meetup arranged by PlayfulMole...

Canal Cruise Llangollen 20th Sept 2008 Submitted by Maccmann
A canal cruise from Trevor ...Near Llangollen and a social event in the Hand Inn at Llangollen. Most participants stayed two nights at the Hand but yours truly stayed a little closer to nature in Gods country by camping in the Shadow of the monastic ruins within the grounds of Abbey Farm. Someone must have been smiling on us again as we had a terrific weekend weatherwise!

Walking in Matlock Submitted by Norfolkian
2 days walking around Matlock 03&04-09-2008 with existing and new friends

Matlock Walk 13th Sept 08 Submitted by brianp
A nice walk over some small hills with some great sceanary and historic sites,the Arkwright Mill area in perticular with the waterfalls and lake. This great days walking was followed by another great meal.

Matlock Walk 13th Sept. 2008 Submitted by Maccmann
Well KKKatie did say there might be some mud but she didnt mention the flooded stream or the last hill which she conveniently forgot or all the brambles

Matlock Weekend Submitted by AlwaysAndy
Two days walking around Matlock

Basingstoke meet 13 September 2008 Submitted by MrG!
Some of the Lovely People from MSE

Matlock Camping! 5th 6th and 7th Sept 2008 Submitted by Maccmann
Merrymaking under canvas somewhere in the Pennines...and someone left the shower turned on full!! ...Must have been the worst weekend of the year - and we SURVIVED!

Oxford punting.24.8.08 Submitted by The_Jewess_Rebecca
Elegant recreation on the River Cherwell

The associaton of feathers Submitted by littlemissnaughty
In other words the Leicester meet at the Gynsills

MSE Meetup - Morocco 2008 Submitted by JayDorset
Yes, a meetup - with 2 members !! Coffee in the Desert and a Camel Trek, and a lot more fun in between!!

Jules Birthday bash at Pics Bar Bury Aug 29th Submitted by Maccmann
Photos from Jules birthday party at Pics Bar in Bury 29th Aug 2008

Newcastle MSE meet 30th Aug 08 Submitted by Angel-of-the-north
We had a lovely meet in a lovely situation on the quayside in Newcastle

Aug Bank Holiday on Shell Island Submitted by Maccmann
Under canvas (as the saying goes) on a windy, wet but very enjoyable weekend in Wales

Peak forest, derbyshire Narrowboat meet. 15th aug Submitted by travman
Some moments of the meet on a narrowboat, even the sun joined in

Canal boat cruise Fri 15th August 2008 Submitted by Maccmann
A delightful day spent cruising the High Peak Canal from Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire to Marple Locks in Cheshire With appreciation and thanks to Twinklie (Carole)

Mse Walks 2008 -Monsall Dale Submitted by amethyst
Monsall Dale - August 2nd led by joiedevivre.

MSE Walks 2008-Lyme Park-Cheshire Canal Submitted by amethyst
Lyme Park and Cheshire Canal - 2 attempts . First one on June 29th was abandoned after a freaky, flash storm of hail, wind and rain left us soaked to the skin with mist that closed visibility to a 100 metres white out . Undaunted we returned on August 3rd in better weather and conquered the climb up to the Bow Stones, before descending to a more leisurely stroll along the canal.

Monsal dale and Lyme park Submitted by AlwaysAndy
Weekends walking in the peaks,mostly my photos and a few of Loois

Lyme Park Walk Sun 3rd Aug 2008 Submitted by Maccmann
Another great walk Irene So glad it didnt rain for long It caught us out on the most exposed part lol Really great views of the Cheshire plain Amazing how the young uns cant stand the pace though

Monsal Head walk...2nd August 2008 Submitted by Maccmann
What a wonderful day we had after a dull start which threatened to throw it down Phew but didnt that ice-cream taste good after that final climb out of the valley Great to meet so many new friends thank you all

Anstey 2.8.08 Submitted by jamafaswellstuffed
Mowtown arranged by littlemissnaughty! And she is !!!

Stratford Meet Up 26-07-2008 Submitted by In-Focus
Please let me know if you would like to add your own caption or have your photograph removed. Mike

Kewlbabes birthday party Submitted by Angel-of-the-north
Kewlbabes Birthday party, Liverpool July 12th 08

Tractor Submitted by Honey
My tractor

Pad Thai 5th July Submitted by Exl
Here are a few photos from tha Pad Thai meet in Birmingham organised by Tallandblondish. It was a fantastic evening with plenty of laughs and some excellent singing but can you identify the chests

Rutland Water 21 Jun 08 Submitted by MikeMcc
Funny how there is always water involved. A rather wet morning transformed a lovely day.

Hope Valley Walking Weekend Submitted by MikeMcc
A nice gentle stroll lead by Sharon (aka Duke of York)

A week in the Peak district Submitted by AlwaysAndy
6 days walking in the Peak district with Vince,Looi and a few other strange people

Win Hill Hope 14June 08 Submitted by brianp
Once again a well organised day out with a good walk & meal after nice to see the usual faces & new ones too. A nice climbup Win Hill in the wind & rain then lunch sat at the top in the cold. The 2 ways down the easy& hard route in the lovely sunshine..We then went for Tea & cake sat out in the lovely sun..Later followed by a meal in a local Pub...All in all a Grand Day Out..

Robin Hoods Bay Weekend Submitted by brianp
Well after a bit of a slow start in everyone arriving over 2 days, it turned out to be a good weekend. The walk was very pleasant along the Cleaveland Way Route to Whitby which was about 7miles & the more adventurous of us doing the return leg along the disused railway track a total of about 15miles..

Leicester pub meet 31st May 2008 Submitted by GengleRobHugs
Ten members got together for a pub meal at the Red Cow pub in Leicester Forest East on the evening of Saturday 31st May 2008

Bolton Birthday Bash for Denis Submitted by Darkhorse
Birthday bash in Bolton on 30th May 08 for Denis1 organised by HigherPlane

24 May 2008 Nottingham Meetup Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Pub, Live Music, Chinese Buffet, Blagged Free Beers, Pub Again... And Plenty Of Chat!

A little stroll in Dovedale Submitted by MikeMcc
A lively (if damp stroll) in a lovely part of the Peak District.

Dovedale Submitted by AlwaysAndy
The fearless MSE walkers on their latest adventures

Cheesecake and Euro Birthday Bash May 2008 Submitted by ando225
May 10 2008 Rubber Soul, Mathew Street, Liverpool

Lancaster meet 3rd May 08 Submitted by Darkhorse
Goodthings organised this meetup at the Three Mariners pub in Lancaster.

19 April 2008 Nottingham Meetup Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Afternoon Chinese Buffet & Mini Pub Crawl

newbury races Submitted by giggliola
some photos from an mse meetup on 12 april

Newbury Races Submitted by Judance
April 12th 2008

More photos from Padley Gorge Submitted by AlwaysAndy
Another day in the adventures of MSE walkers from grindleford via Padley Gorge to Hathersage

Ashford In The Water Submitted by AlwaysAndy
A walk from Ashford to Monsal Dale

Heathersage & Padley Gorge Submitted by brianp
A great walking day with some lovely sceanary in every weather that the eliments could throw at us. During the walk some of the group ended up with wet feet and 1 with a wet bum. But weve all been told not to mention it was Sharon who sat in the water so i wont mention it.

Stanage Edge Submitted by AlwaysAndy
A circular walk starting at Hathersage

Wigan nite out 22 Mar 08 Submitted by Darkhorse
Nite out in Wigan organised by Guyoo and Sunshinesmile.

St Albans Meet 08-03-08 Submitted by Shamrock14
More fun and frolics was had by all who attended...!

Tenerife 2nd-9th March 2008 Submitted by Darkhorse
5 of us went to Tenerife in search of sun, sea, sand and ... sangria!

Newbury 9th March Submitted by JayDorset
Great people at Judances Newbury Meetup

St Albans Meet 8-3-08 Submitted by Angel-of-the-north
The gang at St Albans meet.

Newbury Meet 8 and 9 March 2008 Submitted by Judance
What a fantastic turn out .... and such lovely people!

Ladybower Submitted by MissAlanius
Group meet 8th March

North Devon Easter Meet March 23rd 2008 Submitted by Cheryl_
North Devon Easter meet March 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2008! Organised by Lambsey and Phantussy

Glastonbury Meet 24th Feb 08 Submitted by Matt1971
Meet up at La Lune

Glastonbury 24th Feb Submitted by JayDorset
Meetup at La Lune in Glastonbury

Chepstow Meetup 9th Feb Submitted by JayDorset
A few pics taken at the Chinese meal meetup in Chepstow

Havanas Exeter Feb 2008 Submitted by Devon-Wench
A great night was had to celebrate two Birthdays. Lucyxcheeky and Moorlandlass. Food was lovely as was the company. See you all again soon!

London Valentines meet Submitted by Mennaby
Some great photos here, suprised I managed to hold the camera straight lol....and thanks to Shammy who took some for me too

London Meet 09-02-08 Submitted by Shamrock14
The Valentine Meet

Southport Meet 1st Feb 2008 Submitted by Darkhorse
Meal at Chiquitos Mexican restaurant organised by Chorlton1 and YinandYang.

Rowsley Submitted by AlwaysAndy
Walking with MSE

19th January Derbyshire meet up Submitted by MissAlanius
We all met up Rowsley

Wishing Birthday Bash Submitted by FunkyChicken
A big thankyou to Wishing1951 for inviting us to share her birthday party.

Nottingham Mini Meet Submitted by Desert Warrior
DW and Suki Dee met for a mini MSE meet in Nottingham on 13 Jan 08.

Solihull Meet Dec 15th 2007 Submitted by Shamrock14
Solihull Christmas Meet

London meet 1-Dec-2007 Submitted by Shamrock14
Here are my pics for the London meet.

Benidorm 24-Nov-2007 to 1-Dec-2007 Submitted by Darkhorse
Four MSE members (Johnxted, Denis1, Sunshine2, Darkhorse) and one non-member (Sandra) enjoyed a week's relaxing holiday in Benidorm from 24th Nov to 1st Dec.

27 Oct 2007 - Nottingham Pub Crawl Meetup Submitted by RoseyCheeks
Nottingham pub crawl.

Impromptu Leeds meetup 28-Oct-2007 Submitted by justjoannie
Just a few picture taken at a little impromtu meet on Sunday 28 October 2007 in Leeds, just to show that we dont have to have meets at theatres, pubs or whatever. Need to say a big warm welcome to Running Man and a big thankyou to Faith for providing the food and venue. A good time was had by all.

South Wales Heritage Coast Walk Submitted by Castaway-Somewhere-Else
Six of us gathered for a glorious day's walk on the South Wales Heritage Coast at Ogmore by Sea. With a good breeze, warm sunshine and blue skies, we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, a delicious pub lunch, a few rounds of Old McDonald Had a Farm and most of all, each others company. Many thanks to Just Here, Solo, Shylady and Whynot for such a fantastic day. We hope to hold regular walks in future, so watch the meet ups page if you'd like to come along. All are welcome!

Birthday Bash 6-Oct-2007 Submitted by wickedgiggle
Takehart, Wickedgiggle, Orson and BrightSpark Thanks for joining us at our birthday bash.........we had a really great time.........hope you did too!!

London meet 29-Sep-2007 Submitted by Shamrock14
Well me work is finally done lol...! I have at long last worked me way thru the pics I took at the London here they are, the pics from my very first MSE meet..!!

Macclesfield Forest walk 7-Oct-2007 Submitted by Maccmann
Just some photos of the walk through Macclesfield forest.

Vampire Rock meet Lancaster Submitted by justjoannie
A truly fab time was had by all.......great accomodation.....fantastic show......and amazing people .... Many thanks go to Jim (justaniceguy)......for arranging this meet

More Redditch meet photos Submitted by Ricala
More from the Redditch night out!

Brighton meet Sep-2007 Submitted by Tina_B
An evening of balls basically. Thanks chipsue for organising an intimate night of bowling in Brighton.

Peterborough meet 15th September 2007 Submitted by Pboro Trevor
It was a great night. Some new friends, some old friends, and some MSE couples. The meal at the Brewery Tap was followed by a gentle stroll down to the Bull Hotel to meet the rest of the crowd.

Rochdale Bistro Meet Submitted by Ricala
Here are a selection of photos from the Rochdale meet last week (11th August). We had a lovely meal at the Old Bill Bistro in Rochdale and then afterwards we went over the road to the local Wetherspoons. It was good to see people from Bolton and surrounding area as well as Oldham and Rochdale of course. Plus our photographer is a member from Staffordshire. It was an easy meet to organise and everyone enjoyed the quality of food and there was plenty of it! Not many photos I'm afraid but I hope they capture the mood.

Decoy Park 18th August Submitted by Devon-Wench
Forgot to take the photos, only remembered at the end, so one group photo attached. Just to show it wasn't a complete washout!

MSE Road Trip Submitted by Shamrock14
I went on a MSE road trip for a week and a half and met loads of me online mates...the biggest group of peeps was at the Manchester meet in the View in Canal street...turns out Escobar is no longer in existence..doh..!!!

South Devon Meet up Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to Devonwench for the pictures.

Norfolk 30-June-2007 Submitted by Adminton
Here are just a few of the many pictures taken at the 2nd Norfolk BBQ on 30 June 2007. The weather was not too kind to us but we still managed to have a great time, and nick's disco in the barn was fantastic - it gave us all an opportunity to watch Shep do his Combine Harvester! - Coffeelover. Thanks to Coffeelover and Penners for the photographs.

Birthday Meet 23-June-2007 Submitted by Adminton
A meet to celebrate Positive Pete's 50th birthday. Thanks for the photos, Pete.

Leeds 23-June-2007 Submitted by Adminton
A cultured meet in Leeds when a number of members took in a few of the galleries of West Yorkshire. Thanks to Faith and ismymiddlename for sending in the piccies.

Bolton 16-June-2007 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to JarJar for these great photos of the Greek Night in Bolton!

Fishnets 19-May-2007 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to jilly1 for hosting the meet up in Sheffield and sending in the photos.

New Forest 02-June-2007 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to Nellglyn and Catrinsparkles for organising the meet and sending in the photos.

Hollingworth Lake 02-June-2007 Submitted by Adminton

Bolton 19-May-2007 Submitted by Adminton
Here are a few photographs taken on Saturday 19th May at our Bolton meet. We had a great time. Looking forward to the next. - JarJar. Thanks for sending in the photos, JarJar!

Bristol 12-May-2007 Submitted by Adminton
Double birthday bash in Bristol! Thanks to the members who sent in the photos.

Croydon 03-March-2007 Submitted by Adminton
This bowling meet in March doubled as a birthday bash for Angel1. Thanks to lilibeth for the pictures!

Cardiff Birthday Bash 13-15th April Submitted by Adminton
"Pindy and I would like to offer our thanks to everyone who attended for making it such a fun weekend. It was great to be able to share our birthdays with so many others, especially Rainbowz, Kaycee and Vickytimes, all of whom celebrate their milestone birthdays within a couple of weeks of each other. Wonderful to have so many other April birthday Guys and Gals there too ! 'til next time !!" Photos courtesy of CastawayInWales, Aquaskattie, Sophis2cat, Capricorn Lady and Kaycee and our thanks to FineFella for collecting them all and sending them and the text in.

Haverhill 24-March-2007 Submitted by Adminton
Here are photos of the Haverhill meet in Suffolk on the 24th March. Thanks to kitty67 and Truffle for sending them in.

Bristol 17-February-2007 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to mennaby for the photos!

Stratford Birthday Bash Submitted by Adminton
Here are some photos of another birthday meet! This time for Pinkella and Gia in Stratford on 17th March 2007. Thanks to Gia and SOLI for sending in the piccies.

Dorchester 10-March-2007 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to Novemberman for sending in the photos.

London 03-March-2007 Submitted by Adminton
"Just a few of the posed pics from the March meet in London,where birthday cakes were in abundance (blimey its hard work all these birthdays!)Everyone had a fabulous night including a very memorable train journey....! Cheers" - dangerous_curves

Dover Street Meet Submitted by Adminton
Here are some piccies of the meet up at the Dover Street winebar in Reading on the 3rd of February. Thanks to Sophis2cat, lilibeth and PositivePete for sending them in!

London 06-January-2007 Submitted by Adminton
"Just a few photos from the London meet on 6 January. I took more from the journey home and after party at Buttercups - what a laugh!" - Sophis2cat

Cardiff 19-December-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Here are some photos from the Cardiff Christmas Quiz and Party on 19 December at the Village Inn. Joining in the fun were Sunny Delight, Southern Comfort, Solo, Finefella, Peach Lady, Pindy, Leolady48, Simply Ade, Whynot and me (Castaway in Wales.) We didn't win the quiz, but enjoyed a lovely meal, too many chocolates and plenty of laughs. The big hits of the night were the bendy aliens - gifts from Sunny Delight. Looking forward to more fun meet ups in 2007!" Our thanks to Castaway for the photos

London at Christmas Submitted by Adminton

Solihull 16-December-2006 Submitted by Adminton

Peterborough 25-November-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Here are photos from our Chinese meal on November 25th. Another great night - good food + good company = great night out! Great to meet old and new faces" - Pboro_Trevor Thanks for the photos, Pboro_Trevor.

The Bollywood Do! Submitted by Adminton
"Here are a few pictures from the Bollywood party for Raffles Birthday." "Almost everyone turned up in Indian dress, but the highlight was Bright Spark walking in wearing a red indian costume!! The night was brilliant, the buffet was fantastic and included lots of indian food. It was then back to Jays for some of Raffles home cooking including curry and nan bread!" "A late night,early morning for most people, most of whom had travelled several miles to help Raffles have a happy Birthday." Thanks to everyone who sent in photos.

Lodmoor, Weymouth Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to TheCheekyMonkey for the photos!

Southampton 04-November-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to all those who sent in photos.

Hill Walking at Pendle 28-October-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"As you can see, the weather was, er, interesting, and, as a result, the promised views were nonexistent. But all three intrepid explorers (no fair weather walking for us, oh no!) had a great time. Thanks go to Terry for the idea, and also for the spicy bon-bons." - Annie91 Thanks for the photos, Annie91!

Peterborough 07-October-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Here are pictures of the peterborough meet on 7th oct at the Bull Hotel and the host was Pboro Trevor. We started the evening with 8 members at Franky & Bennie's just over the road from the Bull. Then straight into the Bull where there were another 13 members making a grand total of 21, but alas Trev later departed with a couple of the female members and went clubing. The rest of us then spent the rest of the evening chatting and drinking and dare I say it some of the ladies flirted with the staff! On the whole we all had a wonderful evening, laughing and drinking." - MaximusRocketsupwithabang

Cambridge 21-November-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"These are the pictures I took at the Cambridge Meeting on the 21st Oct. It was well organised by sundaychild and there was a good turn out of site members. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening." - MaximusRocketsupwithabang. Thanks for the photos, Max!

Northern Soul meet October 2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Just like to say what a top night was had by me at FunkyChicken's Northern Soul 'n' Motown night. It was one 'HOT' night. Great to meet up with you again and to meet others." - Scooby x Thanks for the pics, scooby76.

Cranage Hall 28-October-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"These are some pictures of the dance weekend at Cranage hall in Cheshire at the weekend. I think everyone had a wonderful and energetic weekend? The facilities were excellent, the food was first class and what a good venue for any meet. It was all down to Riccala for organising/putting the idea in to our heads! Well done, Riccala." - MaximusRocketsupwithabang, who we have to thank for some of the photos. Also, thanks to RedSix for his piccies. He says, "Everyone enjoyed themselves, and the potential to attend a similar event will be happening in March/April. I apologise for the quality of some, but I hope they help encapsulate the fun everyone had. Thanks, to Ricala for sprouting the seed of an idea. To those who attended, thank-you.

Stratford on Avon 14-October-2006 Submitted by Adminton

Garfield's 55th Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to TheCheekyMonkey for the photos and Happy Birthday to Garfield!

Staines 14-October-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"We had a great evening, shame the organiser didn't come but there were many newbies and a very nice crowd indeed. We did what we do best at these do's and chatted all evening, getting to know lots of new people and laughing a lot." - Sophis2cat Thanks for the pictures, Sophis2cat!

Derbyshire, October 2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to capricorn lady for the photos.

Cardiff Bowling night 07-October-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Here are some snaps from the latest Cardiff Monthly Bowling Night. Those attending this time included Sophis2cat, Sunny Delight, Southern Comfort, Whynot, Finefella, Solo, Pindy, Leolady48, Spiral, Castaway in Wales and Firefaerie4. "It was yet another laugh a minute evening with some pretty unusual, yet effective bowling techniques on display! All are welcome to the bowling nights, usually held the first Saturday of the month." - Castaway in Wales "Glutton for punishment, just don't seem to be able to keep away from these meets! Friday evening was held at the Cafe Jazz in Cardiff. A great time, good food and company, a live band, lots of chatting and new friends made. Saturday, after a bracing walk on the beach and shopping we went bowling, lots of fun and laughter as some of us strutted our stuff knowing full well we would be aching the following day. Then on to an Italian restaurant for lovely grub. Thanks to Linda (Pindy) for her kind hospitality and lovely Sunday lunch. Tis true the song 'There be a welcome in the hillside' from our lovely Welsh members." - Sophis2cat Thanks for the photos, castaway and Sophis2cat!

New Malden 08-September-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to Justjoy for the photos.

London 30-Setember-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to Firesam, Fluffykitten and justjoy for sending in the pictures.

Frampton Arms 29-September-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to for TheCheekyMonkey for sending in these piccies of the drink at the Frampton Arms after the visit to Monkey World in Dorset in September.

Norfolk BBQ 16-September-2006 Submitted by Adminton
The weather was good for us. Cooking and eating seemed to go in many phases, but Penfolds Lamb just had to go on at exactly the right time, I don't think he planned for it to be Smoked Lamb! Some one decided to have a Hairy Leg competition, so the wax virgins lined up with a very FAB pair of legs to show them how it should be done. Looks like someone was a bit confused when they got dressed that morning though. The Naughty cupboard was put to a lot of use although Garfiled appears to have enjoyed his punishment !!!!! All in all a fun day and evening.

Nottingham 02-September-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to FUNKYCHICKEN for sending in the pictures.

Drayton Manor 10-September-2006 Submitted by Adminton
A meet attended by shaz, topmum, andy46, juejue36, janinavan and beth. Thanks to juejue36 for sending in the photos.

Exeter Meet Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to Sophis2cat, IamAries and Exmouthlady for sending in these photos!

Southampton 26-Aug-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"These are from the Southampton meet at the Station Pub on the 26th August 2006. It was attended by about 25 people and a very good time was had by all." - Saucy minx Thanks Saucy minx!

Bournemouth 26-August-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thank you to justonelulu for sending in the photos!

Penarth 12-Aug-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to Sophis2cat, NuttyNat, Solo, Finefella, Pindy and Welshcaz for the pictures.

London 05-August-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to Twinkle1969 for sending in the photos!

Manchester 05-Aug-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to x135 for sending in the photos.

Ashton Court, Bristol 23-July-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"The weather was glorious, the food tasty and the music fantastic. Worliebird, LancelotSeeksGuinevere, Irish Eyes, Welshbun, Sweetpea and me (Castaway in Wales) enjoyed a lovely afternoon soaking up the relaxed atmosphere and the rays. We didn't manage to catch up with SomethingElse and Ice Blonde unfortunately, but we know they were floating around somewhere. Many thanks to Martin (Lancelot)for co-ordinating the day. We must all do it again!" Thanks for the photos, Castaway in Wales!

Bournemouth July 2006 Submitted by Adminton
A small but beautifully formed group enjoying drinks and a little nibble by the coast. Thanks to Curvey Lou for getting it all together. And thanks to Simply ade for sending in the picyures.

Birmingham 22-July-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Another very successful meet! JanInAVan held a camping weekend in her field, with BBQ on Saturday night 22 July 2006. What a lovely setting, rolling hills and a beautiful pond (we soon got used to the sound of the M42). It was so hot when we arrived but got to it straight away, putting up tents and preparing for the fun - although Jan had worked so hard and had everything under control - thanks so much Jan. As soon as someone arrived there were lots of willing helpers for which we are all very grateful. A battle ensued as to who could pump up their airbeds the fastest. The guys were doing the macho thing and using their brawn, they won but the girls had technology on their side and quietly let them think they won whilst taking a siesta as the compressor did the work! Friday evening was spent down the local pub and then round the imaginary camp fire (it was too dry to risk it). Chatting, giggling and drinking till we all fell into out tents (or over the guide ropes). Saturday saw the arrival of more members. New friends made and acquaintances re-kindled. Football matches and more siestas. Then the fun began in the evening, great food, music (or cheese as it was described), dancing - oh the dancing - best thing I've seen in ages, the aeroplane dance to the Dambusters! Lots more giggling, drinking and frolicking, all done in the best possible taste. We all had a fantastic time and are very grateful to Jan for hosting this. Lets have another!" Thanks go to Polly for some of the photos and to Sophis2cat for sending in more piccies and the terrific write-up!

Liverpool in Lavender 01-July-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"WOW! What a weekend. I haven't danced so much in years! A really fantastic time was had by all." - dangerous_curves who we have to thank for the photos. Thanks also go to kewlbabe for organizing the meet. "Thank you Carole (and everyone else) for such a great evening. Mum commented on how many nice, friendly people she met. It was a really special evening." - Ricala "What a wonderful night! It was also a great opportunity to meet many of the people I have only got to know through their posts to threads." - Truffle "What can I say that hasnt been said by the others.Thank you so,so very much for a great weekend.It was so nice to meet old and new faces." - Raffles

Blues Brothers Meet Submitted by Adminton
"Would just like to say what a wonderfull time I had at John's Party, I loved every moment of it and met some lovely people although I didn't get to talk with everyone. I feel very privileged to have been allowed into such a great group - Thankyou." - Dewolffe "Everything was wonderful, was a fantastic've put South Brent on the map for definite now! xx It was nice to meet all your lovely friends and work well as lots of old friends from Midsummer's Eve, plus some lovely new ones as well :o)" - Cally Thanks to Foxy for sending in the pictures.

Reading 08-July-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"What a mad time we had. The theme was Saints and Sinners - but we had more Sinners than Saints. Great costumes, the photo of Bright Spark in his naughty schoolgirl outfit flashing to the train is the most comical thing I've seen in ages. Good job the train was on a rail or the driver - who obliged by sounding his horn - could have been put off his driving, he was most likely put off his dinner. It was sad that the Host, Tall Trees was injured and in hospital but Kate did us proud with lots of lovely food. We drank his health and his ale! Get well soon Mike. Thanks to dangerous curves and Sophis2cat for sending in the photos and the report!

Peterborough 27-May-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to Pboro Trevor for sending in the piccies!

Let's do the Time Warp again...10-June-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Well here they are, the piccies of the recent Rocky Horror Meet! A very different meet to say the least but enjoyed by all (I think !!!) The walk down the High Street from the car park on a Saturday afternoon was an experience in itself with Maddog attracting more than a few admiring comments ... what a strumpet he is !!" - Foxy "What a lot of fun this event was, we all had a great time. Have to say some of the outfits were sensational, wait till you see the pics! Well done Foxy, it was another fantastic meet!"

Whitby 13-May-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Whitby was a great success and everyone really enjoyed themselves. We are looking forward to doing it again in the future." - Bright Spark Thanks, Bright Spark, for getting everyone's photos together and sending them in.

Tramway Village 15-May-2006 Submitted by Adminton
A family day with free entry to the Crich Tramway Village Museum for every child with a Teddy Bear so a bit of teddy Bear's picnic with history, classic cars and tram rides thrown in. Thanks to danensis for arranging the day and Bobble for sending in the pictures.

Spain 08-May-2006 Submitted by Adminton
MSE's first international meet! "A small band but a great time with plenty of sun, sea and sangria! Not exactly Maddogs chicken and chips for a quid type of place...with plenty of lil red Ferraris about... and his pockets were soon empty LOL" - Foxy "What A meet! It started at 7pm, and ending at about 1am !...where did the time go ?? Attendance was a bit lower than expected, but never the less, there were a fair few there. The evening started....oh god, where did it start??? LOL...Well in a bar somewhere in Perto Banus. Then moving on to a Greek Grill restaurant, and then the Blues Bar, which Woo has already mentioned. ( I didnt notice the dancing girls....) Dell and Bunni were great fun too....even managing to sneek off without being seen.... They might join the site soon. Highlight of the evening ?? ...I was offered a cherry, which of course I took. Thanks to everyone who made it special, AreJay, Dell, Foxy, Bunni, and Woo, and son of Woo. What next ???" - Maddog

London 06-May-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Hi there - yes thank you to Louise and Leyson for the London meet, was great and was made to feel so welcome. You will see me at another meet. x b x" - Bridget "What an incredible night!! Thankfully the fire brigade did not require a call out even though there were 6 birthdays and candles were being lit and blown out every which way you turned." - NuttyNat Thanks go to Leyson and Louise for organising it and to Bright Spark, NuttyNat and a mystery lady for sending in the snaps!

Tamworth 22-Apr-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Well the meet was brilliant, the castle fantastic and the company well totally out of this world lol.... the sun came out to play to... Brilliant!!!!" - king of the castle "The whole weekend from start to finish was filled with laughter, there were quite a few who were new to MSE meets, but thankfully with the help of all the wonderful people they soon settled in and joined in with the fun." - NuttyNat Thanks go to Camelian for arranging the weekend and to Gidders, NuttyNat and Pete for sending in the fab photos.

A very pink Portsmouth 01-Apr-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Midsummerseve Surpassed! What a most memorable evening - So good to see all the old friends and meet some new ones. A wave of Pink in all shades - Portsmouth in bloom!!" - Bramble xx "All I can say is, it is going to have have to be something pretty special to surpass this meet. Absolutely hilarious and great to see you all.Had a sore head this morning so returned home." - Nurse A hugely successful meet full of fun, frolics! Thanks go to Love and light, Glitter and Cheeky Northern Bint In The South for organising this terrific multiple birthday bash that also raised some serious cash for Breast Cancer Awarness fund (hence the pink). Thanks to their hard work, the generosity of all those involved and the enthusiasm and nuttiness of those who attended, it was a night to remember!

Brighouse 18-Mar-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks go to GrowingOldDisgracefully for arranging this meet and sending in these piccies! "I would also like to say a big thank you to Sooze for arranging the meet.Thank you to everyone for making me so welcome. I enjoyed my first meet and hope to see you all at other meets." - Foxyredhead "Had a great time too ! lovely food, wine, people etc.... Shame we didn't get to the Ritz though. Thanks Sooze for organising the event. I will have to organise a Halifax event soon if enough people interested." - Scubagal So everyone interested in a Halifax meet should watch out for that one!

Plymouth 04-Mar-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"I am pleased I went along as I thoroughly enjoyed myself with a great bunch of people. thanx to laura lisa etc for arranging. to pete and ade 2 nice guys. lets make the next one soon." - kenham A smashing time at the China House! This was a great West Country meet and another is being planned as we speak! So keep your eye on the 'Meet ups' forum for that. Thanks to ade222 for sending in the lovely piccies!

Oxford 15-Feb-2006 Submitted by Adminton
A meet where the fellas greatly out-numbered the ladys! So this is where you are all hiding!! "I endorse the comments ... I found it to be a very pleasant evening in the company of some really good folk. Thanks one and all .. we should do it again sometime." - Talltree The Wise And so you shall. Another meet is planned for the same venue in April. Check the meet ups forum for details. Thanks go to Hermit The Humble for organising it and sending in the photos.

Peterborough 28-Jan-2006 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks go to Pboro_Trevor for arranging another great meet in Peterborough and for sending in the great piccies. "Thanks Trevor. Another successfull meet; good food, great company. Some family we are born with - MSE is a family we choose to be with." - chasm "A big thankyou to everyone for making me feel so welcome at my first meet. Was great meeting you all." - sunshaz

Peterborough 10-Dec-2005 Submitted by Adminton
Another very well attended meet full of Christmas cheer...and the odd pint of beer?!

Canterbury 04-Feb-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Thanks to Mr Wolf, Batgirl and all those who made it for the evening. I had a great time and it was nice to meet some new faces. Here's to the next one!!" - Paul Cake, candles and balloons were the order of the day for this Birthday bash meet in Kent. Happy Birthday, batgirl!! Thanks to all who went and to Cariad Bach and Mr Wolf Is Innocent for sending in the piccies!

Oxford 21-Jan-2006 Submitted by Adminton
"Home finally :-)Thanks to Matt, Dave and Mike for a superb Oxford meet! A weekend to remember for me!!! ;-) - Iceblonde I too had a welcome, fun evening. Cheers mate!" - postfrog This was a wild night in Oxford by all accounts and a special mention has to go to nurse and starrynight for a fantastic chilli!

East Anglia 31-Dec-2005 Submitted by Adminton
Is this a record? The longest lasting Meet attended by the fewest members?? Proving you don't have to have a huge crowd to have a great meet! Thanks to Piscean Lady for sending in the pics of herself and Bobble enjoying New Year's Eve.

Portsmouth 10-Dec-2005 Submitted by Adminton
This was a busy weekend for Midsummer's Evers! Along with the Kent meet, there was this all-dayer in Portsmouth. There was a great turn out of old friends, newbies and even a couple of Midsummer's Eve success stories!

Chatham, Kent 10-Dec-2005 Submitted by Adminton
Another great meet - this time in Kent. Well attended by the likes of Janey (the organiser), DancingAroundTheChristmasTree (co-organiser), batgirl, snowflakeDAVEsnowflake, Smile, Bat Man and a stripper!! Thanks to Hychydig Choblyn (Little Elf) and PrincessFruitBatteriesNotIncluded for the piccies.

Henry's Bar, London 03-Dec-2005 Submitted by Adminton
"A lovely, lovely evening" - Pooks "A magical night" - Myamia "Fantastic meet again!" - Paul "Lovely to meet old friends again and to say hello to lots of new people." - cool4catz Just some of the thoughts on the biggest Midsummer's Eve meet up yet! An estimated 50 or so members got together in London for a great night of fun and frolics! Thanks go to Tom and Louise for doing such a great job of organising it, to all who attended to make it the night it was and to bibibitsme and Magic Mike for sending in the piccies! I've tried to put some names to the faces - sorry to those I've missed or got wrong!! - Sam

Butlins 12-Nov-2005 Submitted by Adminton
Check out the Butlin's Blitz thread for details of this great weekend in Somerset. It may just help you to understand the photos! Thanks again to BamboozledMennaby for sending them in.

Southampton 29-Oct-2005 Submitted by Adminton
A lively night for all on this Halloween Howler - looked like it was a real scream! Thanks to piX and mennaby for sending in the photos.

Totnes 14-Oct-2005 Submitted by Adminton
Thanks to ladyfox for sending in these great photos of the weekend of fun in the Devonshire sun. There was wining and dining, boat trips and steam train rides...and then there was the paddling!

Manchester Meetup Sep 2005! Submitted by Adminton
Midsummer's Eve members from Manchester (and elsewhere) prove they are mad for it!

Bristol 21-Aug-2005 Submitted by Adminton
A great night out in Bristol for this group of Midsummer's Eve members. Photos kindly contributed by Wilts Lass.

Yorkshire/Skipsea camping expedition 13-Aug-2005 Submitted by Adminton
Organised by Chocca, this was a roaring success.

Newton Abbot 3-Jun-2005 Submitted by Adminton

Oxford 18-Jun-2005 Submitted by Adminton
A considerable crowd of Midsummer's Eve members congregated in the historic and learned city of Oxford. Some were treated to a tour of the city's attractions by Hermit the Bald (as he was called at time of writing). This was followed by an evening's refreshments in a local hostelry.

Solihull 24-Apr-2005 Submitted by Adminton
A cracking night out in the Midlands arranged by Topmum.

The Bradford Bash 5-Feb-2005 Submitted by Adminton
The biggest Midsummer's Eve get-together to-date! Thirty people went and a great time was had by all. And here are some of the eagerly-awaited photos with thanks to - pix -! Our thanks to chocca too, for starting the thread that lead to such a successful night!

Bagshot and Virginia Water Surrey 28-29 May 2005 Submitted by Adminton
A two-dayer, organised by Steve and Penny, took place over the weekend of 28th and 29th May. On the Saturday we went to the White Hart is Bagshot, Surrey, for some food, drink, and conversation. Many people stayed over, and the following day we all met up again, in nearby Virginia Water. A good few more folks arrived as well. Our Sunday morning stroll was followed by lunch in the Wheatsheaf pub, where the afternoon sort of melted away! A great time was had by all. Some of the folks present included were Stephen, vinny, penny1, Immpy, capricorn lady, Susan, Leyson, LAFF A LOT, Jay, Historiban, Solstice. And I'm sorry if there are people I haven't mentioned!

Henrys Bar London 8-Jan-2005 Submitted by Adminton
A meeting of like-minded Midsummer's Eve lads and lasses took place on 8th Jan in central London. Near the Ritz, no less - we're that posh. Henry's is the kind of place where your pint of bitter is presented to you on a serviette and your change comes back on a little silver tray. See you at the next event everyone! :-)

The Postern Gate York 4-Jun-2005 Submitted by Adminton
A bunch of about 25 Midsummer's Eve members and friends congregated in the beautiful city of York, at the Wetherspoons Postern House pub in Piccadilly. A rumbunctious time was certainly had by all. The prize for furthest distance travelled went to "jive time" who came all the from Weymouth in Dorset for the event. Some hardy folk even went onto for some after-hours dancing and fun. Whew! A big hello and thankyou to Leyson for organising this one (and others). Photos were taken and kindly sent in by Kolocat, jive time and spiritOfAdventure.