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General articles and information pages about Midsummer's Eve, our policies and privacy information, and how to get in touch with us.

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Articles specifically written for those embarking on the journey of online dating. Also we have articles on dating safety and first date common sense.

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All the help and information you need to get the most out of Midsummer's Eve.


Chat, message boards, forums - whatever you call it you'll find it in our Conversations areas. These Conversations areas are open to all members, free or paid, and are extremely popular.


Groups formed by members, which you can browse through and join. Groups help you in your quest to meet the perfect partner, as you can find those who share your interest (not just those with your desired eye colour or other silly gimmicks other dating sites use).


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Various cool features for members only. Including list of birthday boys and girls, friends, and individual and group blocking facilities.

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All about you! Your profile, photos, photo galleries, private messages, conversations, admirers and much much more.

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My circle of friends and contacts, including all those who have voted me bonkers, intelligent or gorgeous, and who I have voted in return.

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Search tends to be the first thing you need when you first join an online dating site. Although we do of course provide a powerful search engine so you can locate members near you and those who fit your desired criteria, as a dating community we also provide many other discovery methods such as neighbours to find local dates, tag search to find those who share your interests, and name search to find people you've bumped into before but lost track of.


Midsummer's Eve was the first online dating site to encourage members to organise their own singles nights and parties. It took off like a rocket. Now we have literally hundreds of meetups you can attend and they are mostly free of charge. They are all fantastic fun! Everything from pub nights, to walking holidays, to singles holidays and more.