What are profiles?

Your profile is your unique web page on this site, dedicated just to you. It shows your name, photos, friends, and facts such as your age, height, number of children etc. It contains your description of yourself, and the type of people you'd like to meet.

Creating your profile is the first and most important step when you join, and you should take some time to write a great description of yourself and upload some nice photos.

When will my profile go online?

All new profiles are manually reviewed by a member of staff here. We do this because some people try to bring the quality of the site by including content that is against our rules. For example we do not allow email addresses, web addresses or phone numbers in profiles.

We try to review profiles quickly but review times may vary.

Why is my profile under review?

If you make a change to your profile, we take it offline to re-review it. We re-review all profiles after changes have been made to ensure the profile still falls within our rules.

How can I change my profile?

To change your profile:

  • log in
  • click "My Profile" on the main menu
  • select which of the profile parts you would like to change
  • follow the instructions on-screen

How do I remove my profile?

You can show or hide your profile at any time. For example if you are going on holiday and don't want to be contacted, you can hide your profile temporarily. Remember if your profile is hidden, nobody can send messages to you, so it is a good idea to keep your profile showing at all times.

To show or hide your profile:

  • log in
  • go to your "My Profile Options" page
  • tick or untick the "Show my profile" box
  • click "Update

How can I set the privacy settings for my profile?

We understand that your privacy is important to you. So we have various privacy settings which you can apply to your profile. To change the settings, please go your profile options page.

The settings you can change are:

  • Show or hide your profile: you can completely remove your profile from the site by hiding your profile.
  • Show your activity panel: the activity panel shows other members information about your activity on the site. This includes: date you joined, date you last logged in, the number of times you have logged in, date you last updated your profile, the number of times your profile has been viewed (hits), and your exact number of membership points.
  • Show your trust panel: the trust panel shows other members information about the level of trust you have attained. This includes: whether you have confirmed your email address, whether you have had your address checked by one of our payment providers (address confirmed), your membership level.
  • Show your friends panel: the friends panel shows the most recent people you have added a Mutual Friendship link to. You can show this or hide it completely.
  • Show your photos to: the photos on your profile can be shown to everyone (includes members who are not logged in), members only (includes everybody who is logged in but excludes those who are logged out), and friends (only includes people you have added a friendship link to).
  • Show your name on the birthday list: allow other members to see it's your birthday and wish you many happy returns. The list is compiled at midnight every day so make sure you change this setting before your birthday.

You can update any of these settings at any time.

How can I find out who has looked at my profile?

Every time somebody looks at your profile we increase your "hit counter" by one. If they were logged in at the time, we also make a note of this. To find out how many times your profile has been viewed:

  • log in
  • click "Who's looking" in the "Profile" panel on your home page

Note: the number shown here shows the total number of people who have viewed your profile ever. This includes people who were logged out at the time.

To find out exactly who has looked at your profile, and when:

  • log in
  • click "Who's looking?" on the main menu

Note: the who's looking list shows people who were logged in who have looked at your profile within the last 70 days.