Postcodes, zip codes and local searching

Why do you require my postcode?

We collect your postcode if you live in the UK to find people who live near to you. This is done by measuring the distance between the centre of your postcode sector and the centre of other members' postcode sector. Please note that this method is accurate down to about one a tenth of a mile in urban areas, but could be less accurate if you live in live a larger postcode sector, such as in rural areas.

Your postcode is part of your private data and cannot be discovered by any other member, so there are no privacy issues connected with entering your postcode. It is not used for any other purpose except for finding local people.

It is very important to enter your full postcode accurately and keep it up to date.

How is my postcode used to help people find me?

Your postcode is used to help other people find you. If you live close to another member, you will be seen in their list of neighbours.

How can I use my postcode to find other people?

To find people close to you, use the distance search.