Why should I upload some photos?

It's really important to upload at least one photo, because other members are more than five times more likely to respond to you or initiate contact with you if you have a photo. It's quite simple really, nobody wants to talk to somebody they cannot see or visualise. It's like talking into thin air.

How do I upload a photo?

To upload a photo you must first have the photo on your computer. If you are using a digital camera or mobile phone you will need to download the photo from your camera to your computer first. If you are scanning the photo using a scanner, you will need to scan and save the photo onto your computer first.

In either case make sure you remember what the photo is called, and where you have saved it on your computer (a common place to save photos is My Documents/My Pictures). For instructions on using your camera, phone or scanner to get a photo onto your computer, please see the manuals for your equipment or contact your supplier.

When you have the photo on your computer, you can upload your photo:

  • log in
  • click "My photos" on the main menu
  • click "Upload a photo"
  • click the "Browse ..." button next to the text box on the screen
  • a file explorer window should now open
  • locate the photo on your computer (remember where you saved it)
  • select the photo
  • click "Open" or "OK" to close the file explorer window
  • click the "Upload" button on our web page
  • after a few moments, you will be shown the uploaded photo - it might be somewhat smaller or grainier but do not worry about this
  • once uploaded, the photo is placed in our review queue
  • check back shortly to see when your photo has gone online

What is a portrait photo?

The very first photo you upload is called your portrait photo. It is important and special because we make a small version of it to show to other members in search results, conversations, private messages and so on. Therefore it is essential that it shows your face clearly (if it doesn't, we will reject it).

You should include at least your head and shoulders, but it can be a whole-body photo. We will crop it to the necessary size and shape - you do not need to worry about that. For more information, we have a whole advice section dedicated to photo advice.

Other photos you upload are not portrait photos so they can be of more-or-less anything you like (within reason).

What kind of photos can I upload?

Your portrait photo (the first photo you upload) must be of you, and must show your face clearly. Other photos can be of nearly anything you like, but we do reject photos including nudity or sexual poses, or obviously copyrighted materials. You must own the copyright on all photos you upload.

We have a whole section dedicated to showing you how to improve your photos. See our photo advice page.

When will my photo go online?

All photos are hand-reviewed by staff here, to ensure they are in the spirit of the site. We will crop and adjust your portrait photo for you as part of this process. On average photos are reviewed within three hours, and all photos are reviewed within 24 hours.

How do I delete a photo?

To delete any photo, do this:

  • log in
  • click "My Profile" on the main menu
  • select the "My Photos" menu item
  • locate the photo you want to delete
  • click the "Delete photo" link underneath the photo

How do I replace my portrait photo?

To replace your portrait photo, do this:

  • log in
  • click "My Profile" on the main menu
  • select the "My Photos" menu item
  • click the "Delete photo" underneath your portrait photo (your portrait photo is always at the top of the page)
  • click the link to upload a new photo in the portrait photo slot
  • follow instructions to upload your new photo

How many photos can I upload?

You can upload up to ten photos.

What is the maximum size of photo I can upload?

The maximum size of photo you can upload is 1MB (one megabyte). There is no minimum size but if your photo is too small to be clear, we may reject it. It does not really matter how big the photo is in terms of width and height, but it should preferably be no smaller than 200 pixels wide. If you don't understand any of this, just try uploading it and see what happens!

How can I reduce the size of my photo so I can upload it?

If your photo is bigger than 1MB you should be able to reduce the size of it. To do this you will need to open in a picture-editing program and re-save it using smaller dimensions or a lower quality setting.

Many computers come with some basic picture-editing software pre-installed. Some common programs to find pre-installed are Microsoft Paint or JASC Paint Shop Pro. If you don't have any pre-installed picture-editing software you can always download some for free. Try and search under "photography".

Can I send you a photo by email?

Our email system automatically deletes and attachments sent to us, due to huge risk of viruses, so we can't accept photos by email at the moment.

Can I send you a photo by mobile phone?

Unfortunately we do not have the ability to receive photos by email, so you cannot send us pictures using your mobile phone at the moment. We are hoping to introduce this facility soon.

Why are you still showing my old photo when I have replaced it?

When you upload a new or replacement photo, we completely delete and erase the photo that was there before. So if you are still seeing the old photo it means your web browsing software has "cached" (remembered) the old photo. Web browsers do this to save time downloading web pages.

To cure the problem, simply press F5 on your keyboard, or click the "Refresh" or "Reload" button on your web browser toolbar when you see the old photo.

If you still see the old photo, try clearing the cache of your web browser. To do this, please see the Help file of your web browsing software.

What are max-sized images?

This new feature enables you to see photos uploaded by other members at a much larger size, quality and resolution. If a photo has a max-sized version available it is indicated by the magnifying glass icon Magnifying glass. You can click to see the max-sized version.