What are neighbours?

Neighbours are people who live very close to you, or less than a few miles from you. Finding your neighbours and making friends with them is part of the purpose of this site.

How can my neighbours find me?

Your neighbours will be able to find you only if you have entered your postcode, and you live in the UK. They can then check their Neighbours page, and providing your profile is online, you will appear on that page.

There is no need to worry about privacy: we never reveal your postcode to any members. It is only used to measure the distance between you.

How do I find my neighbours?

To find who lives close to you go to your distance search page. We strongly encourage you to make contact with all your neighbours, as this is the very best way to make new friends.

What does the little walking man icon mean?

If you see the walking man icon Walking man it means the person concerned lives less than two miles away from you. We consider two miles to be the maximum comfortable distance for walking from your house to a friends house.