What are meetups?

Meetups are real-life gatherings of members for fun and friendship! They are organised by members, for members, and therefore are usually free of charge. They take place in pubs, restaurants, or anywhere interesting. They can be meals out, drinks, dancing, walking, days out to attractions - anything! The one thing they have in common is they are all wicked fun and you will be made extremely welcome.

Who goes to meetups?

All sorts of people go to meetups. We welcome anybody who is a member of this site to come along, meet some new people and make some new friends. Some meetups are kid-friendly, and the organiser will tell you if this is that case. Friends of members are welcome.

Do I need to register for a meetup?

It's possible to put your name down as attending a meetup. It's a good idea to do this because it will help the organisers to know if you are coming. You don't have to register, but it is recommended.

How do I register for a meetup?

On the meetups page, you'll see a link near the top-right hand corner of the page labelled "Register yourself". Click this to get to the registration page.

On the registration page you can see details of the meetup, together with how you are registered for the meetup.

Next, select "Definitely going", "Hoping to be there", or "Definitely not going". You can also a add quick comment in the text box (if you have questions or would like to discuss something about the meetup, don't ask your question in this comment box, add a message to the meetup Conversation instead). Finally click "Register" or "Update".

How do I change or cancel my registration?

If you've registered for a meetup, but you now cannot go, you can change your registration at any time. Simply click the "Register yourself" link near the top-right corner of the Conversation page to get back to your registration and make any changes necessary.

How can I see who else is going?

It's common for members who are going to the meetup (or not) to discuss this on the meetup Conversation thread. Reading this is a good way to find out who's going to be there.

For a more definitive list, you can click "Who's going" near the top-right corner of the meetup Conversation page. This will show you a list of who has confirmed their attendance, who is hoping to go, and who is definitely not going. You will also see your registration (if any) on this page.

My first meetup - I'm terrified, what should I do?

We understand! Everybody has pre-meetup nerves, even meetup veterans. Not everybody can walk into a crowd of people and relax straight away. So our advice is to contact the event organiser via a private message, and let them know you're thinking of coming. They will normally be very happy to meet you outside the venue, and walk in with you and make sure you are OK during the meetup. Remember: everybody was new to meetups once and we've all been through it, but once you're in there you will have the time of your life!

How do I organise a meetup of my own?

To organise your own meetup, first go the "Members' Meetups" conversations room, then click "Start a new conversation". You will need to enter a suggested or confirmed date for the meetup, and put all the details in the "Message" section of the form.

Other members who are interested will then add their names to your list or let you know via private messaging that they are coming.

How do I change a meetup I've organised?

If you are the organiser of a meetup, you can update the meetup thread. You can change the date, change it's suggested or confirmed status, and change the details. To do this, click your meetup thread and then click "Update this meetup".

Where can I see photos of other meetups?

We strongly encourage people to take photos of meetups and send them in to us. If you go to a meetup somebody may take your photo and send it in. That's part of the fun of meetups, and we regret that we can't take the photos down even if you don't like them (we're sure you will). If you really don't want your picture on the site, you should tell the photographer that you don't want your photo taken. We will not usually publish photographs of kids taken at meetups.