Favourites, winks, kisses, hugs and admirers

What are favourites?

Favourites are a way of storing a list of people you like so you can easily find their profiles without having to search for them again and again. To add someone to your list of favourites, find their profile and then click "add to favourites".

What are winks, kisses and hugs?

Winks, kisses and hugs are a way for you to attract somebody's attention or show them a gesture of goodwill, without sending a full-blown private message. Everybody likes to be kissed - use this feature copiously!

What do bonkers, gorgeous and literary genius mean?

You can let someone know how you feel about them in a few other ways. Why not vote them bonkers (in a nice way) if you like their sense of humour. Think they're clever or write really well? Vote them literary genius. Think they're just plain fanciable and lush? Vote them gorgeous! There's no limit, use plenty of winks, kisses and votes.

How do I delete a favourite, wink, kiss etc

Changed your mind? You can delete a favourite, wink, kiss, or vote:

  • log in
  • click "My friends" on the main menu
  • scroll down the page
  • in the "Friends and admirers" section, click the link to the type you want to delete eg, "My favourites"
  • click "Delete" next to the bookmark