About this site

Who runs this site?

This site is run by a small, dedicated team of staff. Your primary host is Gordon, and you will have received a friendship link from him on joining. Sam is in charge of relationships between us and you, and overseeing responses to all help requests and complaints, as well as ensuring the site is kept clean and proper, free of spam, and a friendly place to be! We have other staff who review profiles and conversations during the "unsociable" hours - the hours when most of you are wanting to be sociable!

Where is the site based?

The site is based in London, England.

What is the history of the site?

Here's a potted history: our first site was named Midsummernight and was opened in 1999, back when there weren't that many dating sites around at all. Our first member joined five minutes after the site went live. After receiving rave reviews in the national and local press, we started gaining members at a very rapid rate.

We changed the domain name of this site to midsummerseve.com in 2000, and we've been known as Midsummer's Eve ever since. Where does the name Midsummer's Eve come from? Well apart from it being a nice and distinctive name, it also has a British folklore connection. On Midsummer's Eve women are able to spread rose petals before them and divine the name of the man they are going to marry. We registered the name as a trademark in 2004.

Shortly after opening, we started receiving a flood of success stories, including many new relationships, friendships and marriages. The first Midsummer's Eve baby was born in 2000 and there have been (to our reckoning) about 100 Midsummer's Eve babies born since then.

We realised that although our site was extremely popular amongst our members, our reputation was being tarnished by the countless shady or disreputable dating sites and dating agencies that were springing up rapidly during this Internet dating boom. We decided to approach the UK's dating and marriage bureaux trade watchdog, the Association of British Introduction Agencies. Although they were not accepting online dating sites at the time, and had to change their own Code of Practice to accommodate us, we became the first ever online dating site to become full members of the ABIA.

Our membership means that we have to abide the ABIA Code of Practice in all of our dealings with customers. Fortunately we were already doing most of the good things that the Code of Practice demands, for example we already had a formal complaints procedure. We have been proud members of the ABIA ever since.

We noticed that a very large proportion of our dating members were also interested in finding friends too, so we began developing features to enable this is about 2003. We first introduced our Conversations room and then began allowing members to organise real-life meetups amongst themselves. These proved spectacularly popular and they have been being held across the UK, in Ireland and America, ever since.

We decided to allow married and non-single members to join the site in 2005, and now we actively encourage this. You'll find many members who started on the site looking for dating and romance, have now coupled with other members, but are still using the site simply because it's fun!

We are one of the oldest established and best loved dating and friendship sites on the Internet, and this year we have seen more members than ever before joining us. Here's to next year!

How is the site funded?

This site is funded by the ads you see around the site.