About Midsummer's Eve

All over the world, in myths and legends, Midsummer's Eve is known as the most romantic and potent night of the year. Many believe you can discover the name of your future lover on Midsummer's Eve ...

Now you know why we are called Midsummer's Eve and what we might be able to offer you!

If you are looking for love, marriage, a girlfriend or boyfriend, or stable, long-term relationships then Midsummer's Eve is for you. If you're just looking for friendship or an email pen-pal, that's OK too.

Free online dating

Remember, unlike most other UK dating services, all the dating services that you need to meet and be matched with others are free, including sending and receiving messages. However, unlike the vast majority of free online dating sites, we have strict quality control over new member applications, sophisticated spam and fake account monitoring software, and top-flight customer services. That's why we're award-winning.

Members can to get to know each other in a secure, confidential, friendly, caring and supportive environment. But don't just take our word for it - we've only been going since August 1999 and we've already seen hundreds of weddings, countless successful relationships and thousands of friendships. Why not start by reading our success stories?


Better still we encourage members to get to know each in real life through free-of-charge, low-pressure, member-organised meetups that take place all over the country every week.

Award winning free dating

Midsummer's Eve is proud to annouce we have won the BBC Radio 2 Web Site of the Day Award - TWICE! This was the Steve Wright in the Afternoon UK radio show.

Getting started

If you're ready to plunge straight in, you can start by doing a search. You give us a few details of who you'd like to meet and we'll find suitable matches for you.

Then, if you find someone you want to send a message to simply join up, and get writing.

We're safe and secure

The strongest relationships are built slowly, carefully, and with honesty and trust. You can build up friendships at your own pace. Using our unique messaging service you can exchange messages with other members whilst withholding your contact details - nobody will even know your email address.

When you find another member who shares your outlook on life you can decide to meet if you wish. At this point Midsummer's Eve will gracefully bow out and let your relationship flourish. Does it work? Definitely! Click here to read just some of our success stories.

Our pledge

Your confidence in the service is of critical importance to our success, and therefore we pledge:

  • we will never reveal any details about you from our database no other member can find out how to contact you other than through Midsummer's Eve (unless you give out your contact details) we will never ask existing members for money for our basic service (although we may have to change the basic service from time to time)
  • we will never, ever sell or give away your personal details

You can read a full and complete statement about what we do with your data in our privacy policy.

How your anonymity is safeguarded

Many people worry about the safety of online relationships and dating. We understand this. So we devised a messaging system which you can use to contact members at Midsummer's Eve without them being able to find out your personal details, such as email address.

You can send messages to other members, and they can send messages to you. To retrieve your messages you log into Midsummer's Eve. From here you can reply to messages you've received and send other messages.

You choose how much personal information to divulge - or how much to keep secret.

How is Midsummer's Eve free?

We run ads on the site to help keep the servers running and the admins happy!