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Help topic What are profiles?

Your profile is your unique web page on this site, dedicated just to you. It shows your name, photos, friends, and facts such as your age, height, number of children etc. It contains your description of yourself, and the type of people you'd like to meet.

Creating your profile is the first and most important step when you join, and you should take some time to write a great description of yourself and upload some nice photos.

Help topic When will my profile go online?

All new profiles are manually reviewed by a member of staff here. We do this because some people try to bring the quality of the site by including content that is against our rules. For example you are not allowed to include email addresses, web addresses or phone numbers in your profile.

On average it takes us about three hours to review your profile, but it is always reviewed within 12 hours.

Help topic Why is my profile under review?

If you make a change to your profile, we take it offline to re-review it. On average it takes about three hours to re-review your profile, but it is always re-reviewed within 12 hours.

We re-review all profiles after changes have been made to ensure the profile still falls within our rules. For example we do not allow email addresses, web addresses or phone numbers in profiles.

Help topic How can I change my profile?

To change your profile:

Help topic How do I remove my profile?

You can show or hide your profile at any time. For example if you are going on holiday and don't want to be contacted, you can hide your profile temporarily. Remember if your profile is hidden, nobody can send messages to you, so it is a good idea to keep your profile showing at all times.

To show or hide your profile:

Help topic How can I set the privacy settings for my profile?

We understand that your privacy is important to you. So we have various privacy settings which you can apply to your profile. To change the settings, please go your profile options page.

The settings you can change are:

You can update any of these settings at any time.

Help topic How can I find out who has looked at my profile?

Every time somebody looks at your profile we increase your "hit counter" by one. If they were logged in at the time, we also make a note of this. To find out how many times your profile has been viewed:

Note: the number shown here shows the total number of people who have viewed your profile ever. This includes people who were logged out at the time.

To find out exactly who has looked at your profile, and when:

Note: the who's looking list shows people who were logged in who have looked at your profile within the last 70 days.

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