Help chapter Unfriendliness or offensive content

Help topic How do I make a complaint about another member's conduct?

It is very important that any unfriendliness is reported to us straight away. To report this you should make a complaint using our simple online complaints form.

Help topic How are complaints handled?

When you make a complaint about another member, it starts off a simple but formal complaints procedure.

For fairness, all complaints are dealt with according to this procedure and all complaints are dealt with identically. Please note these important considerations:

Help topic What if my account has been suspended?

If when you try to log in you receive a message saying your account has been suspended, it means you have broken the terms and conditions that you agreed to when you joined. Because you have broken your promise we are unable to accept you as a member of this site, and your account has been permanently removed. Please do not try to join again, as if we detect any accounts subsequently opened by you we will delete them as well.

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