Members' Meetups

How to arrange a stonking event!

What could be nicer than a lovely evening or a great day out with the friends you've been chatting to on this site?

Meetups are arranged by placing messages in Members' Meetups. Have a look and get a feel for the kind of things our members like to do.

We present some thoughts and tips on how to make sure your meetup goes with a bang, not a whimper.

Trying to please everybody - forget it

There doesn't have to be just the one meet to cover vast areas like the South West, Ireland or the North.

And looking for a venue that will appeal to everyone would be impossible so don't even think about trawling through the options trying to find the perfect place for one huge gathering.

Instead, think manageable. Suggest a place that you like and can get to and invite others to join you. If it's too far away for some, there'll be another meeting that's closer for them (especially, if they suggest it).

Don't open it up for all members to add their suggestions for a time and place as this will not result in a definite plan being made.

Suggest a definite place and time - and stick to it

Post up a new thread saying, "I will be in the Donkey and Carrot, Winchester on Friday 21/01/08 from 7pm. Join me if you can."

Everyone interested can add to the thread and discuss details like directions, getting a lift with someone, best places to stay, etc.

Members from all areas can view the thread so if it appeals to anyone from further afield they can choose whether to attend.

Use your imagination

The suggestion doesn't have to be for a pub or bar either. If you want to suggest a day and place for a ramble, a cycle, a surf or a car boot, go ahead. Anywhere or any event where people can just turn up and join in is ideal.

Events that involve tickets or booking aren't going to be quite as easy as there is so much to organize and there is the possibility of someone ending up out of pocket.

Allow enough time

Post your suggestion up quite a way in advance of meetup, to enable as many people as possible to respond. If the response hasn't been great, you can always post up a contribution a week before the meet saying , "It won't be happening this time. But will suggest another date soon".

But, even a small group can make a great get-together.

Don't throw all caution to the wind

As on all occasions when you are meeting people for the first time, remember safety. Simple measures such as ensuring that a family member or friend knows where you are going and that you make your own arrangements for getting home. Don't accept a lift from someone you don't know.

See our online dating advice pages for more details.

Have fun!

Raise a glass to Midsummer's Eve. Take plenty of pictures. Send 'em in! Here are some photo of previous Meetups to whet your appetite. (Please note, attending a Meetup gives us your permission to use photos of you taken at the event).

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