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Meeting your online dating partner for the first time

Here are our tips on what to do when it comes to that all important first dating with the one you've been chatting online to ...

  • Exchange a good few messages before your first date. You may feel you've 'clicked' immediately with someone - but the more you know about a new date, the better.

    Remember that we can only ever have jurisdiction over our web site, so if you find that your date turns into a complete disaster, there's not much we can do to help. It is far better to have a good insight into the person you are meeting before you date.

  • Arrange your date in a public place. Do not invite your first date round to your place. Lunchtime dates are great fun, and if you're at work they give a perfect "get-out" excuse if things aren't going too well.

  • Do not accept a lift from your date - make your own way there and back.

  • Do discuss the dress code before the first date: there's nothing more embarrassing than dressing down when they've dressed up.

  • Do let someone close to you know where you're going and with whom you are meeting. Also don't forget to tell them when you've returned from your date.

  • Trust yourself. If you're having doubts, call the date off and think about it at leisure.

Hope you have a fantastic time getting to know all the great people out there…or a few of those great people at least! Have fun, take care and thanks for coming on board.

All the best from Gordon, Sharon and Sam at Midsummer's Eve.

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