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Online dating dating should be fun

Firstly, online dating should be fun. So if after reading the rest of this advice page you are still anxious about using the Internet as a way of finding dates, then it might not be the right avenue for you. Hopefully reading our advice on online dating will put you completely at ease.

Think of Midsummer's Eve as a kind of club. Everybody is welcome into our club as long as they agree to abide by the rules.

Just as people are checked at the door of a club, we keep an eye on new members to ensure that they are genuinely looking for friends and/or a partner, are sticking to the rules and keeping the atmosphere friendly and fun.

But like other clubs we have no special insight into the true character and intentions of the people entering and, as we are sure that you would not expect the management of a club to guarantee that the person who has just bought you a drink is an honest Joe/Jane, we can't and don't guarantee the integrity of the information held in the profiles. So, just as you learn to be street-wise when out in the real world, it pays to be a little web-wise too.

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