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We have some of the most experienced experts in online dating and relating in the UK. On these pages we share our top advice tips for those who are new to online dating.

Why do online dating?

Well, why not? If your usual social circles haven't brought you that special someone and it's looking like they never will, Internet dating is simply another avenue to try and all from the comfort of your own home ... office ... Internet café ... library ...

A wide range of people use the Internet so there is every chance you'll find yourself chatting to people that you wouldn't have the opportunity to meet elsewhere. As long as you follow the simple rules, it's a safe and fun way to turn strangers into friends and a pen pal into your ideal partner.

Of all the sites, why this one?

Firstly, the basic service that we provide is free. That means that you can register and put a profile and several photos on the site without paying anything. And what's more, you can search the site, view other member's profiles, read and contribute to our lively conversation forums (one of the very best of getting to know people) all without parting with a penny!

Then there is the Essentials membership that offers many other features to make the site even more fun. See the Essentials link on your homepage.

We also work hard to ensure that visiting the site is a pleasant experience so we review all profiles and monitor messages, deleting any naughty folks we catch breaking any of our rules. Please see here for a complete list of our rules.

You can contact us to report anyone who you think has broken our rules and we'll investigate, taking action where necessary. Please see our information on how we deal with complaints.

We never give your e-mail address to anyone and if you make a payment none of your credit card details are ever stored. We do not make changes to your profiles or details and do not forward messages or give out details about anyone without their own consent.

We try to answer all your comments and queries within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) and are happy to give advice on messaging and improving your profiles.

Next we take a look at how you can use Midsummer's Eve to stay safe and happy while maximising your chances of meeting the person of your dreams.

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