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Help topic I've forgotten my password

You can reset your password using the password reset page. We'll send you a link to your email account (the one registered on your account) and you can then use that link to reset your password.

Help topic How do I change my username or password?

It is not possible to change your username. To change your password:

Help topic How do I change my postcode?

To change your postcode, do this:

Help topic How do I change my registered country?

All members are registered in just one country. This helps to ensure that you see people who are local to you. To change the country you are registered in:

Help topic How do I change my email address?

To change your email address use the email change page. Once you have changed your email address you may be asked to re-confirm it using the link we will send you by email. For more information about email address confirmation please see the help topics below.

Help topic How do I change my screen name?

Your screen name is your identity on this site so it should only be changed if you really need to. Changing your screen name can cause you to lose visibility online, as anyone who has bookmarked your profile will need to update their bookmarks and this can take some time.

Your screen name must be unique so as to identify you and you alone among our many thousands of members. As your screen name is part of your unique URL (web address) it can only contain letters, numbers, the underscore character (_) and the dash character (-).

Please note: your screen name is not the same as your username. Your username is the name you use to log in so it can't be changed. Your screen name is the name everybody else sees.

To change your screen name:

Help topic How do I close my account?

To close your account simply visit our account cancellation page.

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