Help chapter Searching

Help topic How do I find someone?

There are many different ways to find people on the site, depending on what kind of people you're looking for. Try these methods:

These are just some of the many ways you can find people, and people can find you. It's up to you to discover the other ways!

Help topic How do I find someone outside my registered country?

Currently you can only search within your registered country. This is to ensure that you meet people who are local to you. If you would like to search outside your country, you can do so, but you must change your registered country first. To search outside your country:

Help topic How do I see who is online now?

You can find out who is browsing the site at the moment by clicking "My Friends"/"Who's Online?" on the main menu. Please note that this page shows those people who have logged in in the last few minutes, but are known not to have logged out yet.

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