On this page you'll find help for almost every feature, aspect and task you'll come across on this site. There are a huge number of features, and it can be a little daunting - we're here to help.

From the basic questions such as what to do if you forget your password, through to the advanced topics such as gaining trust within the community, it's all here, and we start with the question at the forefront of most new members' minds! ...

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Help My account

  • I've forgotten my password
  • How do I change my username or password?
  • How do I change my postcode?
  • How do I change my registered country?
  • How do I change my email address?
  • How do I change my screen name?
  • How do I close my account?

Help Profiles

  • What are profiles?
  • When will my profile go online?
  • Why is my profile under review?
  • How can I change my profile?
  • How do I remove my profile?
  • How can I set the privacy settings for my profile?
  • How can I find out who has looked at my profile?

Help Photos

  • Why should I upload some photos?
  • How do I upload a photo?
  • What is a portrait photo?
  • What kind of photos can I upload?
  • When will my photo go online?
  • How do I delete a photo?
  • How do I replace my portrait photo?
  • How many photos can I upload?
  • What is the maximum size of photo I can upload?
  • How can I reduce the size of my photo so I can upload it?
  • Can I send you a photo by email?
  • Can I send you a photo by mobile phone?
  • Why are you still showing my old photo when I have replaced it?
  • What if I don't have a digital photo?
  • What are max-sized images?

Help Photo galleries

  • What are photo galleries?
  • How do I view other members' photo galleries?
  • How do I create a photo gallery?
  • Adding photos to your gallery
  • Changing the order of photos in your gallery
  • Showing or hiding a photo in your gallery
  • Adding a caption to a gallery photo
  • Deleting photos from your gallery
  • Gallery photos
  • Viewing your live gallery
  • Deleting galleries

Help Searching

  • How do I find someone?
  • How do I find someone outside my registered country?
  • How do I see who is online now?

Help Postcodes, zip codes and local searching

  • Why do you require my postcode?
  • How is my postcode used to help people find me?
  • How can I use my postcode to find other people?

Help Private messaging

  • What are private messages?
  • How do I send a private message?
  • How do I know when a message I sent has been read?
  • How do I reply to a private message?
  • How do I delete messages?
  • How do I undelete a message I have deleted?
  • How do I see messages I have sent?
  • I have a message from someone. How do I find their profile?
  • I've been told I have a message - why can't I find it?
  • What does 'Message cannot currently be replied to' mean?
  • Can I prevent someone from sending me private messages?

Help Membership points

  • What are membership points?
  • What are membership levels?

Help Neighbours

  • What are neighbours?
  • How can my neighbours find me?
  • How do I find my neighbours?
  • What does the little walking man icon mean?

Help Friends and friendship circles

  • What are friends and friendship circles?
  • What are mutual friends?
  • How do I add someone as a friend?
  • Someone has added me to their circle of friends. What do I do?
  • How do see who has added me as a friend?
  • How do I remove a friendship link?

Help Favourites, winks, kisses, hugs and admirers

  • What are favourites?
  • What are winks, kisses and hugs?
  • What do bonkers, gorgeous and literary genius mean?
  • How do I delete a favourite, wink, kiss etc

Help Conversations

  • What are conversations?
  • How do I read the conversations?
  • How do I participate in conversations?
  • How do I use bold and italics in the Conversations?
  • Why does it seem like there are missing messages in a Conversations thread?
  • How can I see all the conversations I have contributed to?
  • How can I see only conversations I am interested in?
  • What do some of the terms people use in the conversations rooms mean?
  • Can I remove something I said in the conversations?
  • I just found something I wrote in the conversations on a search engine! Why is this?
  • What are the guidelines for conversations?
  • How are the conversations moderated?
  • Blind, impartial, bias-free moderation
  • What do Helpers do?
  • Working to ensure everyone can join in
  • What happens if you are stopped from posting
  • Why has my contribution not been posted?
  • Why do I see 'Cannot display conversation' when I click on a conversation?
  • How do I report an excellent message?
  • How do I alert a moderator about a message?
  • How can I complain about a message?

Help Meetups

  • What are meetups?
  • Who goes to meetups?
  • Do I need to register for a meetup?
  • How do I register for a meetup?
  • How do I change or cancel my registration?
  • How can I see who else is going?
  • My first meetup - I'm terrified, what should I do?
  • How do I organise a meetup of my own?
  • How do I change a meetup I've organised?
  • Where can I see photos of other meetups?

Help Groups

  • What are groups?
  • Public and private groups
  • Joining a group
  • Starting a new group
  • Group leaders
  • Inviting other members to join your group
  • Leaving a group
  • Removing a member from a group
  • Deleting a group
  • Removal of unused groups
  • Groups Conversations boards

Help Essentials

  • What is Essentials?
  • Why should I upgrade to Essentials?
  • How much does Essentials cost?
  • Can I get Essentials for another member?
  • When will my Essentials membership start?

Help Email address confirmation

  • Why do I need to confirm my email address?
  • How do I confirm my email address?
  • What if I did not receive my confirmation email?

Help Blocking

  • What is blocking?
  • How do I block a particular member?
  • What types of block can I use?
  • What are the effects of blocking?
  • Does the other member know I have blocked them?
  • What is an admin block?
  • How do I unblock another member?
  • Group blocking
  • How do I set a group block?
  • What are the effects of blocking groups of people?

Help Unfriendliness or offensive content

  • How do I make a complaint about another member's conduct?
  • How are complaints handled?
  • What if my account has been suspended?

Help Gifts

  • What are gifts?
  • How do I send a gift?
  • What does a gift look like to the recipient?
  • How do I know if I have received a gift?
  • What are anonymous gifts?

Help About this site

  • Who runs this site?
  • Where is the site based?
  • What is the history of the site?
  • How is the site funded?

Help General

  • How do I close my account?
  • Do you have any dating tips?
  • What will you do with my email address or other personal data?
  • What do all the icons mean?

Help Getting in touch

  • How can I make a suggestion about the site?
  • How can I contact you?
  • Press, publicity and business development