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A brief insight into the life and times of Victoria

My view from front porch - fairyland when its snow

Tooshie 2005

just in from swimming

Tom-tom - the love of my life ( with his toilet ro

My lovely little Lucy in the garden

a sad day March 2005

Sitting on 'bum' sculpture Dec '07

a corner of my garden

view from sunroom

Victoria 2006/7

In the woods over the road spring 2007

gardens of Hughendon Manor just down road Spring



Farrah Fawcett-Majors was my heroine - can ya tell

about 8 years ago - blonde moments then

part of my gallery

part of my gallery

about 2006/7

wearing a binbag dress

on top of a very windy hill

some of my friends

one of my secret places

another of my secret places

march 2008

March 2008

my bluebell woods 03.05.08

Look hard - I am the tree hugger 03.05.08

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