MSE Newcastle Ceilidh Meet

October 2013 - a band of merry MSEers descended on Newcastle.

A fine city (and a blue sky)

My tour round St James' Park (bit high up here)

the tunnel

Was proud to sit on the Bobby Robson memorial seat

Mr RS - my fellow St James' tourist

Our lovely host Karmagirl, displaying her entrance ticket

Sea of T, Karma, Lady, Tokyo Girl, Tram & Woo

The band

JEM, Sea of T, Woo and Tram studying the moves for the Siege of Venice (or was it Vienna?)

Woo and Karma doing the Gay Gordons, moving so fast they were just a blur

Karma and Lady taking a breather after twirling and whirling round the room like a pair of banshees!

Tram won a prize in the raffle - a very useful fan (came with some chocs too)

Lady was getting some up-close interest from a balloon!

Lady looking cool despite having danced loads

14 photos.

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