Bishops Castle Oct 2012

The last camp of 2012

We're off on a Saturday morning adventure...

Follow the brown muddy path to Bishops Castle

What a beautiful morning and what a lovely pic of Fine Fella and Pindy

I wish I lived in a spotty house!

Higgledy piggledy cottages in the town

Look at that blue sky - brilliant for October :-)

An odd selection of knobs and things outside a shop in Bishops Castle

The view from the top of the high street

A faceless fairy.... and Johnlock in the background

A Saturday afternoon trip to Bunners. What a place, it's like a tardis...


Starting the fire on Saturday evening

There's some kind of competition going on between Kess and Johnlock - but I'm not sure what it is!

Our wonderful host Woo :-)

The sun starting to set over Camp MSE

Home sweet home

17 photos.

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