Ravenstonedale, May 2012

Fun and laughter under canvas

Spacedust demonstrating her "utility chair" just look at that voddie pocket.

Woo demonstrating the pink cooking accessories - or is she about to bang the gong for luncheon?

If you squint you can just about see the man in the moon

Twas a lovely, clear night (well is was for those of us without alcohol induced blurry vision!)

What a beautiful clear night ....

Peteupnorth hanging on to his chair - was it spinning?

oooh look at all those empties - not ours, surely?

Here we are at the start of the "Sound of Music" walk .... "climb every mountain, ford every stream ..."

Mountains (well they are compared to rather flat Oxfordshire)


Wait for me, peeps

The disused railway line

little did we know that we'd be passing alongside that bridge on the way back

Brian by the lime kilns

then we crossed the viaduct (I couldn't look over the edge!)

If you look carefully, you can see a red squirrel

nibbling nuts

lo and behold, here's the squirrel ranger (I kid you not!)

Lady just checking that we haven't upset him (we were ready to run, just in case!)

What kind of vehicle does a squirrel ranger drive?

tee hee!

is this the Von Trapp residence?

it's amazing how trees hang on

Yoo hoo fellow walkers

someone suggested a long, cool beer at the pub ... and they're off... wait for me

a Meccano bridge (lucky we didn't have to cross it!)

we didn't have a clue what this was, but we reckoned it was a weapon of torture from Spacey's collection

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