Gig Pics

I have been to various musical events. here are some of the photos.I can never get photos as good as I would like as I am 5ft 5 and so many taller people get in my way at the wrong moment. It can be very annoying. So here are a few imperfect pics.

Alice & Snake M.O.R. 06

Alice, Monsters of Rock 06

Coheed & Cambria ,Crowd view Download 06.

My attempt at 'Rock art', Download mic.

Tool at Download 06

Tool at Download.

Danny at Download. (Cradle of Filth)

Danny again.

Danny again.

Lacuna Coil at Download 06

Lacuna Coil again.

Lacuna Coil again.

Axl Rose Returns..Download 06

13 photos.

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