Le Grand Bourg Bash

First the storm - and then the calm! Or How a sleepy village recovered from a nightmare!

Maximus' famous Cock!

Anyone for cake?

Ian, Foxylady1952 & 4everEngland.

Ian & John, school friends of Maximus.

DougMc himself.

Allan the brother of Maximus.

Lesley & Paul, friends of Maximus.

Marie & Mick, school friends of Maximus.

"Peace Man!" - Me, Ian, and Sophie.

Ian & Foxylady1952.

Pricey & DougMc.

Graham & Glen, school friends of Maximus.

Graham & Glen again.

Sophie, the neice of Maximus.

Daniel, the son of Maximus.

"You ain't nothin' but a hound dog!"

Kaisa, the girlfriend of the son of Maximus.

Marie, Jackie, Glen & Kaisa.

Jackie, John, Ron, Ian, and Maximus.

Jackie, John, Ron, Ian and Maximus.

Foxylady52, Cakeloving, Pricey, Letitia, & himself

Brenda & Mark, old friends of Maximus.

Rolling out of the door!

On the outside looking in.

All gone to pot!

A La Carte!

Le Chateau.

The House of Maximus.

"The streets are empty now!"

"The Carnival is over!"

The village cross.

The 'Marie' basking in the sunlight.

Deserted shops!

The village square.


"You are here!"

Get lost!

Deserted street.

The end of the village.

Well, well, well!

What's On and Where.

One lone soul ventures out - my friend Rene.

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