Audley End House, picnic 17 Aug 2013

Just my pick of the many Photos i took while i was at the Audley End house & gardens, picnic meet in Essex, on the 17th Aug 2013.

The venue ... Audley End House & Gardens, Saffron Walden, Essex

The staff quarters ... i doubt it, lol

Our Hostess, the lovely Soph!

Timvole, waiting for some help to carry his heavy load at the entrance to the car park!

The original meeting place "The Tea Bridge"

A few Ducks on the small lake between the tea bridge and the waterfall!

A waterfall oppersite the tea bridge!

The view of the waterfall from where we set up the picnic!

A couple of uninvited guests, uninvited maybe but well fed, like the rest of us!

The picnic table set up beneath the hanging branches of a good old Oak tree

The picnic table taken from another angle, you can see just how sunny it was!

Blissful, arriving late but as you can see she was heavily or is that heavenly laden, lol

Blissful & Soulmajik toasting a wonderful day and picnic set up!

Soulmajik, inviting everyone on MSE to join us ... theirs plenty to go round!

The lovely Sea Urchin laughs as the equally lovely Simply-ME asks if i have permission to take this photo, lol

Yes, Timvole, there's enough in that bottle to fill a "Half pint pot" hahaha

With there not being enough wine in the bottle Timvole moves in on Leogirl's chocolate/mint cocktail, no wonder he's smiling, lol

Errrr obviously not enough empty chairs for Timvole & Sea Urchin or is their hank-panky afoot beneath the picnic table, lol

A belated birthday cake for the birthday girl SOPH,

Mention "SEX" when taking a photo and this is the reaction you get, hahaha

Ohhhh AndymacG, fresh cream is lovely but where are the candles and more so, the chocolate ?

Ah this photo again ... Well there is a thread on MSE about Table manners ... work this one out!!!

Eventually we packed the picnic away and ventured into the House, from the left are ... Soulmajik, Leogirl, Simply-ME, Pylon, TimVole, AndymacG, Autana, SOPH and Blissful.

Two lovelies, Blissful & Autana!

Two more loveilies Blissful & AndymacG

Oh, and two more lovelies Andymacg & Autana!

Ooooops Tip number one, don't walk with your camera at your eye, lol

Errrrr a tree or an aerial ? lol

For some reason TimVole wanted me to take this picture?

A couple of lost souls in the Maze!

Behind bars or on reflection! lol

OMG Soulmajik, i hope that isn't "PEANUT DIP" i don't get on very well with Peanut dip!!!! hahaha

43 photos.

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