Newbury Meet 19 & 20 November 2011

Photos of both Saturday evening at the Document house and Sunday lunch at the Lock Stock & Barrel!

The hostess for the weekend “Judance”

Proof that Paul cox really exists!

My lovely lady Justkath meets Brisinger

Desert Worrier showing us his contraband

The original flake Girl herself, Shammy

Eyes Open, Desert Worrier & CurvaciousLou

Maximus, Judance & Foxy Lady

The three P’s Paul Cox, Powl 7 of course P.E.P

Infinity67 & Shammy

Blissful & SoulMajik


Foxy Lady & LizzieC

LizzieC & Fernlacewing

Cloudnine & Maximus

? & Matrix

I haven’t a clue who this gorgeous lady is she must be a virgin meter hahaha

Blissful & Desert Worrier take to the empty dance floor!

Contender tries out a new sailing move, lol

Oh Yes the song was Snogging on the dance floor, lol

Oh yes I was there too in a romantic fashion, lol

I think the smile says it all!

Powl & JustKath

Ninjas on the Dance floor

Let me assure you the girl scratching her ass isn’t from MSE the ladies of MSE don’t do those sort of things … in public anyway, hahaha

Shammy Blissful & infinity67

Gsee doing a bit of break dancing … Amazing!

Get him Girls

Got Him!!!

I think curvaciouslou is getting Desert Worrier’s number

Ade, looks like another JD, lol

Sunday Lunch at the Lock stock & Barrel

Foxy Lady & Fernlacewing getting to grips with Skittles!

Cloudnine and Lizziec

Desert Worrier & Butterflyrose

Cloudnine, Shar, & Curvaciouslou

Skittles the Birthday boy!

Skittles having a sugar rush!

Oh Well looks like skittles knows how to handle a bottle or one, lol

Well maybe one to many, haha

Anyone guess who this is ... the clue is "Who's is the Craic"

Just in case you didn't guess ... yes it's Shammy!

Ade and Blissful only coke in the glass for Ade this time ... i think, lol

Nita, Sophis2cat and ?

Brezth, JustKath1960 Ritakins and Paul Cox!

Sunday Lunch at the Lock stock & Barrel

Sunday Lunch at the Lock stock & Barrel

Sunday Lunch at the Lock stock & Barrel

Brisinger and Nurse

Gsee, Jem95 and eyes open

Shar, Maximus and Badman

Nurse & Blue eyed Jane


fernlacewing and Econ,

Shammy & Paul Cox

56 photos.

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