Dating in the Isle of Wight

If you're "living on the Island" and you're looking for love, things can sometimes get frustrating. Let's be honest, the island is home to lots of lovely people but there are not many who are single - many older couples and young families - and for those who are single, there aren't that many ways to meet. But, all is not lost! Because Midsummer's Eve has both loads of Isle of Wight people for you to meet and date, and lots of inspiration as to where to go, when you want to be alone with them.

Dating ideas for the Isle of Wight

Often it's easy to overlook just what a beautiful place the Island is. There are stunning views, 56 miles of coastline, quaint villages, and relative tranquility to be found in the inland villages and chalky downland. There's lots to love about this place! There are also quite a few single people looking for love. Many have come to this position from the three "D's of Dating" - divorce, displacement (moving to the island for work), and death (being widowed). Whether or not your wish is to remain here forever, here's where are you now and we have to seize the day and get out there and meet those single people!

Strolling on the beach

The beaches at Bembridge, Sandown and Shanklin are quieter out of season and just delightful for a romantic hand-in-hand stroll. Take the dog for added entertainment! Ventnor's beach is also pretty, and let's not forget Compton Bay.

Isle of Wight's most romantic restaurants

  1. The Hillside Restaurant in Ventnor has great food and wine and the all-important ambience
  2. Forresters Wine Bar in Yarmouth
  3. El Toro Contento Ventnor
  4. The Black Cat in Shanklin is a popular place for Thai dining
  5. Biba59 nominates Carisbrooke

As for pubs, The Bonchurch Inn in Bonchurch (where else?) and The Waterfront, Shanklin are both esteemed.

For avid movie-goers we have cinemas in Shanklin, Ventnor, Newport and Ryde. Great for smooching in the back row!

Your nominations

If you have a nomination for the most romantic spots on the island, send them in using our little form on the right.

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