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they're driving me mad

BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
2-May-2020 11:34 Message #4778712
So Hen how long have you lived in Gwynedd?
terry-aka-Norman_Clegg  Male  West Yorkshire
2-May-2020 11:53 Message #4778717
I've had a bad relationship with banks and money ever since divorcing....I was never very capable at managing things. The bank I'm with now is brilliant for me, best ever, perhaps because I'm finally learning to better manage finances but I prefer to think it's because I use the branch a lot and the staff there are really helpful and friendly, no matter what the issues or how unimportant my questions might seem.

All that said, I do think we as a society have elevated finance to something more important than life...hopefully when we come out the other side of this covid 19 more people will change their attitudes and views on what is really important.

As for rural vs urban, that's a tough one...and one where the 'global' economy doesn't really work.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
2-May-2020 12:08 Message #4778720
Yes Terry the global economy has bypassed rural living to a large extent - and I would go further and say that the world is still to some degree in a transition mode after the Industrial Revolution,

Prior to that agriculture was the mainstay of life/jobs with many people living their whole life within a handful of miles of their birthplace and living/working on a farm.

Others would have worked the various mines which are now defunct - but in those situations the people would move away to find other work so as to survive - whereas today many seem to feel it's the Govt responsibility to bring work to them.

In the post Covid era many may be incentivised to make themselves a bit more self sufficient both in foodstuffs if they have a garden to grow things - as well as financially less dependent on income from a job - eg by sacrificing non essential spending to eg pay off a mortgage - as well as maybe reviewing the welfare system to see how the family would fare without the breadwinner and taking the opportunity to bridge that gap with some cheap Term Life insurance.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
2-May-2020 18:48 Message #4778759
Boydel I've lived here for just over a decade and before that I was in Lampeter which if anything is even more rural.

I think many people are growing their own veg given by what garden suppliers have been saying, one site I regularly use had to shut down for a while because of the numbers of orders it recieved, some of that might have been from people who regularly grow veg but buy plants from garden centres not being able to get them, but I think lots are newbies.

I think the global economy has by passed lots of places, or the benefits of it have, in many ways though internet shopping has been a saviour of rural economies as well as it ruination. Not having been to futher east than Bangor for quite a few years now I can't say what high streets are like in other places, but ours are in great decline, probably for much the same reasons as in other places. Mail order has always been big in rural areas where its a faff to get to a big town. Can it be said that many places in the North East have benefitted from a global economy?
Maglorian  Male  North Yorkshire
2-May-2020 22:59 Message #4778774
Fosy, I found it funny watching you panic, over Boydels lower valuation of the brick box you live in. I enjoy watching primitive angst over commodity obsession. You did start the My box is bigger and worth more than your box" petulance.

I agree, some threads go off at tangents. Some even abuse female participants, with mockery, sexism and male chauvenism. You do that regularly to certain females on this site. You did it recently and, i found you vile and threatening to her. I suspect you have issues with the opposite sex and you use this medium to get your Narcissistic jollies off. Thankfully, your true persona wont ever get to meet a female on here. So your evident bitterness and dissapointment will just spew it's hate on this little forum only.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
2-May-2020 23:28 Message #4778775
"lower valuation of the brick box you live in"
i know the value of my brick box.

"You did start the My box is bigger and worth more than your box" petulance.", i was highlighting the difference between town/rural prices where i live, you are such a twat at times.

"You did it recently and, i found you vile and threatening to her"... who ??

"Some even abuse female participants, with mockery, sexism and male chauvenism. You do that regularly to certain females on this site."
now thats rich coming from the troll well known for female abuse, mixed in with homophobia and racism, etc.
you use a them ALL, by pm if you wish, but i know you cant.

actually, of all the things you try to accuse me of, is what the rest of us have seen coming from yourself over the last year plus...well done for highlighting your own frailties.

now, as you're getting out of your tree, its time for your meds, and i bid you a restful night.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
2-May-2020 23:38 Message #4778776
.Maglorian, AvitoDauphine, Wandering4Fun, Witheflow, withgoodintent, to use just a few of your names, you cannot escape your neo liberal cabal by pretending to have socialist ideals and pretending to care about others and pretending to want to help the poor. You really nasty piece of work.
You mock council house tenants? You laugh at littered communities? You make racist comments? You make snide homophobic remarks? You hate seeing the poor being helped and attack every thread where caring people try to help others. The use of fake images, verbal insults to “non-agreers”, multi profiles including a female one with access to the “ladies” room.
The only contribution you have made to the forum is reviving all the excellent votes which float around whenever one of the abhorrent trolls makes an unwelcome appearance.

No surprise that the two nasty, finger pointing at other posters, whining has come from the same fake, multi-profiled nutter.

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