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nellieredshoes  Female  West Yorkshire 6-Jan-2019 18:09 Message #4732886
I just hoiked a pack of Linda McCartney’s sausages out of the freezer. Says they’re suitable for vegans.

Amongst the ingredients: rehydrated textured soya prot, palm oil, sulphites, red iron oxide, rusk and stabiliser. Now all these things are certified safe for food use but it’s a long way from mashing a few veg together.

I’ve tried them somewhere away from home a and thought they didn’t taste too bad so I bought them thinking they might be ok for a few meat free days. This was without reading the ingredients. After this I doubt I will buy any more.

I have a problem with food that ‘pretends’ to be meat anyway. There is so much tastier and more nutritious vegetarian food that you can cook yourself. I struggle to eat vegan for any length of time. My fault I simply don’t get myself into the right headspace.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 6-Jan-2019 18:17 Message #4732889
wow Nellie..palm oil?.….thought that was a big environment no no?
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 6-Jan-2019 20:08 Message #4732895

A lot of vegetables are carbs, like tomatoes and broccoli.

There are different kinds of carbs, the above are green carbs and good for you but still have to be avoided in some diets.

The worst is white carbs like sugar, potatoes, white rice, white flour, white pasta, which all turn to sugar much more quickly and almost as processed sugar. They hit the body a little slower than an energy drink and give a quicker "hit" but don't give longevity so you are hungry again very soon.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 6-Jan-2019 20:17 Message #4732896
cheers lyn, I love white boiled rice its my downfall, can eat it with just a load of fresh veg,

I really didn't realise how much crap went into vegan imitation meat dishes till you and Nellie pointed it out...
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 6-Jan-2019 20:35 Message #4732897
If it's not one thing, it's something else.

The Palm oil thing seemed to spring up from nowhere. Ok, some may have been aware of something, but the anti palm oilists have recently come out in force.

Do they still use it in Palmolive soap stuff.

What will be next?

ps. I was trying to think of a pun type thing about the Linda McCartney sausages containing Palm oil, and the best I could come up with is 'They should be banned on the bun'

I wish I hadn't now.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 6-Jan-2019 21:02 Message #4732898
ya know what tumbleweed I usually go with moderation in all things motto ….but hey these days that could mean I,m apathetic and wishy-washy...……..
ya cant please all the people all of the time,

ps,a little bit of bad can make ya feel sooo
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 6-Jan-2019 21:57 Message #4732899
It isn't a problem eating palm oil, as far as I am aware, the problem is deforestation to grow palm oil and creatures like orangutans are losing their homes in those forests.

Again, it about the assumed superiority of human beings taking what they think they are entitled to at the expense of other animals to the point of no return.
nellieredshoes  Female  West Yorkshire 6-Jan-2019 23:23 Message #4732905
Just Lyn is correct in that eating palm oil itself is not a problem. If we withdraw altogether from palm oil we make life very difficult for some societies who rely on the production of it for their livelihood. The problem as Lyn says is the deforestation which occurs when unscrupulous producers take over.

We need to make sure that the palm oil is from a responsibly managed, certified source. There are two I believe about and one is better than the other. I’ll try to remember to ask my daughter which I should use. She is my guiding light in all things environmental.
nellieredshoes  Female  West Yorkshire 7-Jan-2019 02:59 Message #4732908
I’ve not been able to sleep so have been checking out palm oil.
It’s apparently in 50% of processed package goods from soap to sausages, make up to bio-diesel.

It is listed by many names on packaging:

“INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Fat, Palm Kernel, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Fruit Oil, Palmate, Palmitate, Palmolein, Glyceryl, Stearate, Stearic Acid, Elaeis Guineensis, Palmitic Acid, Palm Stearine, Palmitoyl Oxostearamide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Kernelate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Lauryl Lactylate/Sulphate, Hyrated Palm Glycerides, Etyl Palmitate, Octyl Palmitate, Palmityl Alcohol”

All of these can mean CONTAINS: Palm oil

According to WWF the best sources of palm oil are RSPO certified.
It is I fancy a very complex area and my brain hurts now but I’m a little wiser from the research.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 7-Jan-2019 09:08 Message #4732909
eurostar 6-Jan-2019 20:17
I really didn't realise how much crap went into vegan imitation meat dishes

But you could say that about almost all processed foods.
Look at the make up of Richmond Pork Sausages (Britain's best selling sausage if the advertisement is to be believed and presumably it's correct otherwise they wouldn't have been allowed to state it) .
-42% pork (which is the minimum it must contain to be called a pork sausage but only 32% of that has to be meat So for the squeemish it's probably not worth pondering the bits that make up the remainder!) ,
-10% pork fat/
/potato starch/ soya protein /stabilisers - (used to make the slurry the mix it's made from look edible), diphosphates, guar gum, natural & synthetic antioxidents / preservatives -metabisulphite/ colouring - cochineal


So anything can look like franken-food when you turn the packet over and read what's in it.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 7-Jan-2019 09:31 Message #4732910
There's all sorts of different angles you can look at these things from.

The Palm oil thing, obviously there are environmental issues, and the advert that highlighted stuff, courtesy of Iceland and Greenpeace I think, but if everyone stopped the use of palm oil, then it would just be substituted by something else, which would also harm the environment to produce, whether better or worse than the other stuff. There will always be somebody campaigning for something that is 'harming' everything.

With regards to all the rubbish that is in food, then it's obviously edible and not making everyone puke their guts up after every meal, unless they have allergies and stuff, so it would seem not as harmful as it is often made out to be.

I think we would hardly eat anything or use any product, if we looked into it all too closely. You could get completely paranoid about it all.

I was thinking of having a bacon sarnie for breakfast, but the cancer scare has put me off. Salmonella eggs it is then.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 7-Jan-2019 10:41 Message #4732912
Thank you Nellie for the further work on palm oil.

If I was vegan or vegetarian to protect animals, I wouldn't be too concerned about some additives used for binding, but like drugs, we only know what has been researched so far. It's a bit like we first were convinced the Earth was flat because it made sense at the time. We'll always "advance" and overthrow something we had been led to believe was safe.

In my opinion, we need balance, not too much of anything, and as Nellie said, be more conscious of where it's sourced.

I'll continue to buy some Linda McCartney meals because I'm working and my son will only eat pizza if I don't keep in something easy for him to cook.

There are potentially all-sorts of links long term that cannot be tested in studies.

I've recently taken an interest in fermentation and how healthy it can be to eat certain foods that are fizzing through going off!

I'm just on day off waiting for my car service. Might ask a few of you if you've had experience of fermentation and foods in another thread.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Jan-2019 18:52 Message #4732933
I try and avoid palm oil because of habitat destruction, a lot of additives are ok, but I still prefer foods that I've made myself from scratch, from real ingredients. I think the rubbish thats in lots of foods is the excess salt, fat and sugar thats put in many ready made foods to disguise very poor quality ingredients, people get worked up about stuff when they don't know what it is, but forget that excess salt fat and sugar are bad for you. I think a lot of ready meals aare of low nutritional value too not only the fat, salt and sugar, but the cheap fillers like lots of flour and potato.

I was a bit confused last week when seeing a report that children now have as much sugar by the time they're 10 as they should have had by the time they're 18, this was put down to the usual suspects, fizzy drinks and sweets. But I was thinking of my own childhood, when we drank squash all the time, ate sweets every day, dinner was always followed by pudding and tea always involved cake, plus whatever biscuits you had when getting in from school or before bed. It made me wonder how real this research was and how new this eating to much sugar is? I think we've been doing it sinse sugar came off ration after WW2.

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