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If you were going to remake any films or telly

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 14-Jan-2019 10:55 Message #4733344
I was never a huge fan of Monkey, but an anime version sounds awful, sorry Lyn, but I really can't be doing with anime, I'd prefer to see it done with real actors
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 14-Jan-2019 20:57 Message #4733365
I am in two minds about this next one I am going to mention.

Following recent trends of turning things into musicals, there is a stage musical of Only Fools and Horses opening soon. It is co-written by Paul Whitehouse, who I am a big fan of, and he is also playing Grandad.

I think it is only at the theatres and not on the telly, so I am not sure at the moment whether I will go to see it. I expect with Paul Whitehouse involved, it will be ok, but it is one of those that doesn't seem right to me at the moment.
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 15-Jan-2019 16:13 Message #4733400
Film 'Clan of the Cave Bear' apparently didn't go down at all well - not least with Jean Auel herself.
Likely that I would have had some affinity with the film's subtitles, although we can never be in a position to comment on their authenticity in respect to Neanderthal sign-language.

You might like to know that there is a Book 7 (a lot less 'clunky' than the last of Auel's six books) which has been written by Andy Black (2012) 'The Sacred Mountain'. Seems he is tying up a lot of loose ends and it's a reasonable read.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 15-Jan-2019 18:42 Message #4733402
Who is Andy Black? Does he have any connection to Jean Auel? The thing that made Auels books clunky as you put it, I think, is the amount of background archeological explainations, thiis something that would take seconds to film but pages and pages to explain in writting. I think the latest thinking or the latest investigations into Neanderthal physiology suggest is that they were capable of far more speach than was previously thought, as when Jean Auel wrote the books. By taking so long to write each book and doing so much research she sort of wrote herself into a couple of holes whilst tryinng to keep the time line of the story right alongside new discoveries in the real world. Auel herself said the books were an attempt to imagine how things were then, what it was like when there were two groups of hominids, how things like needles were developed and making friends with animals. More like a docu-drama, than a story.

Sorry I've gone a bit off piste here.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 20-Jan-2019 19:17 Message #4733726
OF&H The Musical is also co-written and produced by John Sullivan's son Jim.
It's on at the Theatre Royal in the Haymarket from next month.
Although I haven't been a huge fan of the series spin off's on TV - The Green Green Grass (Boycie & Marlene) and Rock & Chips (Del et al's early days) even though that was written by the great man, John Sullivan, himself.
I reckon I might go and see it, if the reviews stack up as it it could be quite a knees up, especially with music by, (the sadly now departed) Chas and Dave.

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