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Brexit time bomb

Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 10-Jan-2019 15:00 Message #4733146
Bercoe has put his spanner in the works, since when can the Speaker pass an amendment against parliament. Speaker is supposed to be … impartial. Not a chance when it comes to remainers. I wonder if they are out to stop Brexit at any cost. And Anna Subury, heckling is part of your job spec. Just because you're a woman does not give you special status.

It sometimes seems like a modern day battlefield. Mrs May I think I'll put my money on you. You've weathered it so far, I have every confidence you'll take us out of that EU. I think the dodgy deal card was very clever, never admit it though, little chance of it getting through.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 10-Jan-2019 18:54 Message #4733156
I find Bercows move interesitng more than anything else, he's right that he dosen't work for the executive but for parliament and he can choose parliament over the executive, as he said if only precedent was followed then nothing could ever change. I think in any ways its good for parliament to hold the executive to account, but I wish in this debte in particular they were voting for something a bit more positively. Personally I thought parliamentary sovereignity was part of what Brexit is about?

It's not just Anna Soubry who being heckled, one male MP has taken to wearing a body camera to record every encounter he has on his way around parliament. I've been on many demo's and protests and I've never seen anything like the stuff thats been happening recently, it is wrong, the police should step in and tell people wind their necks in at least. I do think female MP's and women in public life suffer a larger amount of abuse and nastier forms of abuse, since when should disagreeing with someone's politics or practices make it ok to threaten rape? The trouble is most of its just hot air, but nobody knows when its not and who and where the threat is. THere was a question asked on Newsnight the other night is all this abuse directed at MP's and women MP's in particular is putting people off entering public life? I think it will and is, it would put me off.

I have a feeling May's deal will squeek through, its a bad deal, not as bad as no deal, especially this close to 29th March, when theres not enough prep time, but for anyone who thinks 29th March is the last they'll hear of Brexit, you're going to be disapointed, this is just the begining, there will be years of this to come. There will be the trade deal and all the rest.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 10-Jan-2019 21:37 Message #4733170
Agree with everything you have written WH.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 10-Jan-2019 23:04 Message #4733175
Bercow's unilateral decision in changing parliamentary rule in his decision to allow this amendment has come under heavy criticism, he ignored the advice of officials and broke with precedent. He did not show impartiality, an essential requirement of the Speaker of the house. His traditional role as Speaker, includes his responsibility for passing legislation supported by the majority party. All he has done is add more anger to the already contentious atmosphere in the Commons.

Who has been threatened with rape? And what charges have been brought against the 'hecklers' of Suberry? Remainers do not respect a democratic vote by the electorate, perhaps they should try doing that.

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