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randy older women

older women and sex

johnlock  Male  Essex
21-Sep-2017 20:57 Message #4701387
Someone please remind me; what's this sex, relationship, date, shag stuff you are all talking about?

badman  Male  Suffolk
22-Sep-2017 08:48 Message #4701424
wholelottakaren, you are absolutely right and I respect your opinion but, there have been thousands of women who have gone to a Tom Jones concert and thrown their knickers at him.
I suspect they were not all 'tarts'.

It is a pure physical thing. There was no emotional connection between those women and him and yet, they wouldn't have minded if he'd left his clothes on their bedroom floor.

Not all of those women that have slept with rock stars and other attractive male celebrities are tarts, sluts. slags, whatever you want to label them. They're just ordinary women with a pure physical desire.

And you're old enough to remember all the screaming women waiting for a glimpse of the Beatles or the Rolling stones, hoping they'd get to visit their hotel room.

To say that women need and emotional connection before they have sex is ludicrous.

People often talk about 'chemistry' or 'spark'. That's a physical thing.

And this post is not aimed at you personally. It's a general observation.

Your own personal morals are your choice and no one has the right to judge. This is just my opinion.

(Badman. Still telling it like it is).
joolsy  Female  Essex
22-Sep-2017 14:56 Message #4701463
We can all shag around ... One nite stands etc ... But to me sex is beautiful .. Why just make it an act .. Just sex nah not for me .. My lulu is presious and only a special guy will get it ... I was out with my friend marnie .. There were a couple of guys trying to come on to us .. You no what his chat up line was .. I want to bend you over the table and empty my bucket ... I felt sick and told him to go and empty his bucket some where else . Nothing shocks me ... But jeeez what a wanker ... So back on track ... Men women like to be wooed ... Not just shaged ...
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire
23-Sep-2017 19:35 Message #4701554
Badman you raise some valid points.

I dont think I said there had to be an emotional connection but for what it is worth I would say that maybe there should be. I t all depends on what you want from sex. If you want to scratch an itch, so to speak, and can find someone of a similar mindset then go ahead. Presumably next morning you say ' thanks for a good time ' and you both go your separate ways- never to meet again . I would guess that the takeup is possibly evenly balanced between both sexes , but this strikes me as soulless. I am going to say that it isnt just women who want more - I think lots of men do too and this wham bam thank you ma'am is playing to a stereotype of what we are supposed to think men are. I am sure that there are women who are up for a one night stand, but again I ask the question, 'what happens next?' fine whilst you are youngish and attractive but are you still going to be on this path in your 60s or 70s?

I would say that a lot of people have had one night stands which have been fun and maybe not wanted anything more- sometimes life is like that, but long term it cannot be good for your psyche. Are you using or being used ? I take your point about teh celeb attraction but would say to that, that it is the fact that the man is famous or rich or attractive that is the pull. In old money they were called groupies and were used by stars and discarded. I suspect a lot of teh women were 'collecting' ; some purely because they could but maybe some of the more deluded thought themselves in love with said star.
The thought of where those men and women had been over the course of a lifetime makes my flesh crawl. How many hundreds or thousands of sexual encounters if we consider that person A is not just having sex with person B, both parties are enjoying the aftermath of the previous encounters of both?
I am far from naive and I absolutely accept that as adults we have a sexual past . Some will have taken every opportunity to live to the max; some will have been more discerning in their choices . I would like to think that any man I was ever with would fall into teh latter category. As for emotional involvement, well I'm afraid that is life. you have to risk relationships and being hurt, awful as that is. Life is about much more than sex
badman  Male  Suffolk
23-Sep-2017 22:54 Message #4701575
Joolsy, if it had been Danny Dyer trying to pull you, would you have still thought the same?
TimidTim  Male  Derbyshire
23-Sep-2017 23:28 Message #4701577
Would make an interesting scene in the Queen Vic.
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire
23-Sep-2017 23:29 Message #4701578
I think she is aiming higher than that
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire
24-Sep-2017 03:09 Message #4701580
Badders, you said,
"Eating and drinking are physical needs but you don't have to marry them with an emotion"

To that I'd respond that if you don't think emotional and physical needs are interwoven, then you are not accounting for the complexities of the human condition.
Do you really think that there would be so many grossly overweight people, or such a prevalence of eating disorders, or dependency problems, if our relationship with food and drink did not have strong emotional links?
So it is with sex. The emotions may not always be to do with love or bonding, but there are all kinds of other emotional needs involved, be it the desire to feel wanted, the need to connect with another human-being, revenge, loneliness, self-esteem, grief, etc etc. Even if it's a quest for a mechanical coupling the need or desire usually has some emotional aspect in its composition.

As for the behaviour of men/women apparently to get into the pants of a celebrity, don't you think that is largely fantasy? It is fairly safe to make them the subject of your adoration as acting it out is highly unlikely. You can fantasise and talk about that in a way that isn't as problematic or creepy as it would be to be salivating over 'the girl/boy next door". Yes, there have always been those deluded enough to think it is cool to act on it if possible, for kudos usually: yet again a case of underlying needs of something other than needing sex.

I have to say Badman, you seem to be a bit out of sorts at the moment, and doing the "Women...sod 'em" routine. Hope it passes soon.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
24-Sep-2017 09:58 Message #4701592
"Crikey,why would any man with morals want to lie down with a lady the age ,or younger than his own daughter?"

Are you having a laugh? :o :O :o
HAPPYMATT  Male  South East London
26-Sep-2017 10:41 Message #4701730
Well this man is definitely up to that challenge Matt x
Nemesis  Female  Dorset
30-Sep-2017 15:40 Message #4702046
Wow badders, I have to agree with Cassis. Hope fyou feel better soon x
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
30-Sep-2017 16:19 Message #4702047
"Crikey,why would any man with morals want to lie down with a lady the age ,or younger than his own daughter?perverse!mature women rock...!"

Probably the same reason any man wants to lie down with a lady the age of his mother.
Anyway I don't have a daughter so I'm ok...
badman  Male  Suffolk
30-Sep-2017 17:27 Message #4702051
Just an opinion from the ladies please. Do you have to be in love before you will allow sex to happen?
brisinger  Male  Lancashire
30-Sep-2017 18:11 Message #4702056
I'd be worried about catching an STI if a woman wanted sex on a first date.

wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire
30-Sep-2017 18:19 Message #4702057
Interesting question. I suppose I would say , not necessarily it depends like so much in life on what you want from the experience. Different horses for different courses etc and the same person could react differently in different situations or to different men. We think we know ourselves and how we will react , but i know that we can sometimes surprise ourselves and act totally out of character..

Bit of a non-answer - sorry
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
30-Sep-2017 19:11 Message #4702058

i think you have summed up mans dilemma with women to a tee !

does yes mean no, does no mean yes or do they both mean maybe ?
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire
30-Sep-2017 22:27 Message #4702068
Not at all Fosy. No always means no where sex is concerned . Badman asked if women had to be in love with a man for them to agree to a sexual encounter. My point was that some women would not consider it unless virtually married whilst others might be up for a bit of casual with no emotional complications. We women are all individuals with individual ideas of what is and what is not negotiable. You just need to find somebody who feels the same way as you at the same time. that's the tricky bit
badman  Male  Suffolk
1-Oct-2017 10:12 Message #4702091
Good answer wlk. I think both men and women will go for what they want at the time. A strong want tends to override any rhyme or reason. A spur of the moment encounter takes precedence over any moral values held.

Some would say, 'Oh no, I wouldn't' But who are we trying to kid?

(Badman still telling it like it is).
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
1-Oct-2017 11:37 Message #4702104
no its not just you matt, i must have the same dazzling personality :)
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
1-Oct-2017 12:11 Message #4702117
"No always means no where sex is concerned"

but thats just it, it doesnt.
the evening might start out as a "no" but could well turn into a yes later on.
this assumes that rape is not part of the discussion and the woman is determining where the relationship is going.

i think we are looking at this from two different angles tbh.
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire
1-Oct-2017 22:50 Message #4702200
Yep - I think you are probably right Badman - raging hormones and all that. Who knows what they would they would do? We are all grown ups and free to behave as we wish but maybe the moral compass is a bit stronger for some. I still think it is a path to tread cautiously though.

Fosy - given the scenario you have set out I would have to agree.
badman  Male  Suffolk
2-Oct-2017 08:05 Message #4702223
I'm so glad that the women I knew in my youth wouldn't have answered yes to that question. I wouldn't have had so much fun.
I do find it rather strange that only one woman on this site answered. Usually, the female section of MSE voice their opinions quite freely.
joolsy  Female  Essex
2-Oct-2017 16:11 Message #4702253
Ooooh I doint think you have to be in love to have sex ... But you have to have aa different type of lust ... Imo lol lol ... Has anyone just kissed alnite ..:)
badman  Male  Suffolk
2-Oct-2017 16:41 Message #4702254
What? Just on the mouth or where?
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
2-Oct-2017 19:36 Message #4702271
We don't want to admit to being a bunch of old fuddy duddies, Badders. Not good for cred.

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