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What Not To Wear

Do you need a total wardrobe makeover to set you back on the path to romance?

BBC's 'What Not To Wear' is looking for people to take part in its new series. We are looking for SINGLE MEN from all walks of life who would like to get onto the dating scene, but who lack the look that will kickstart their confidence.

These budding boyfriends will identify with ONE or MORE of the following:

  • Never had a girlfriend while your friends are all in relationships?
  • Still living at home when everyone else has moved out?
  • Is your lack of style letting you down with the ladies?
  • Do you want women to notice you and see you for the person you really are?

If you feel genuinely clueless about dressing to impress and want the wardrobe to woo the girl, we can tell you 'What Not To Wear'.

You can apply, OR nominate a friend by following the information below:

Go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/lifestyle/tv_and_radio/what_not_to_wear/beontheshow_index.shtml and fill out the application form online, remembering to put 'SINGLE MEN' in the title of the email.

OR download and fill out this application form and send to: hayley.sarian@bbc.co.uk.

OR call 0208 752 6044 and remember to say that you applying for the SINGLE MEN category.

Let us know if you would like to receive an application by post.


Good luck!