Snow Ball Jan 2009

Snow Ball Behcets

A magnificent event, giving our members a fantastic night out, and raising an astounding amount for Behcets Syndrome Society.

This black tie ball took place at Drayton Manor, a beautiful venue in Staffordshire and was attended by 120 Midsummer's Eve members. Attendees came from as far away as France and Germany as well as all over the UK! It was a chance for members to meet, dance, dine and develop their friendships and romantic relationships. The event was conceived and organised by member Camelian.

About Behcets

"Behçet’s (pronounced Betjets) syndrome (sometimes known as Behçet’s disease) is a chronic condition caused by disturbances in the body’s immune system. It is named after Hulushi Behçet (1889-1948), a Turkish dermatologist and scientist, who first recognised the syndrome in one of his patients in 1924. Although Behçet’s disease can affect people of any age, it most commonly affects those between the ages of 20 and 40. Common symptoms include mouth ulcers, genital ulcers, eye inflammation and arthritis." From the Behcets Syndrome Society.

Snow Ball Behcets

£1905 raised for Behcets Syndrome Society

Organiser Camelian said:

"The magnificent sum of £1905 was raised by you at the Snow Ball and will be donated to the Behcets Syndrome Society on behalf of: DEBS WISH

Many, many thanks to all those who gave so willingly and generously to make this fantastic sum possible, you are all stars. With special thanks going to: Gordon (The Boss) for donating the boxed sets of Champagne and wines. For the additional raffle prizes donated by Lancel0t, Soli and Santastic.

 To all those that sold raffle tickets at the Ball, especially Simply Ade who sold a whole book of 1000 tickets in just 10 minutes! To the anonymous donor (mad aul’biddy!) who said they would DOUBLE the amount collected in the ‘throw your money in the bucket collection’ which netted a wonderful total of … £240!

Snow Ball Behcets

To those who donated their change to ‘Debs Wish’ at the Bar. To all who willingly donated their ticket money when they knew they couldn’t attend. And to the American visitor from another function who asked to come in for a drink at the bar and donated £20. Thank you all for donating to DEB’S WISH.

And special thanks also to all those whose helped make this ‘Snow Ball’ a huge succes: To Gordon, Mary, Natalie, and Rose for all their help, encouragement and invaluable advice. To Paul (Sapphire Blue) for ably hosting the reception register And to Ally, for NOT doing a sponsored ‘Full Monty’ at the Ball! Look out Liverpool ;0) Truly, this event could not, would not, have happened without each and every one of you who from the very start supported the Snow Ball…. THANK YOU ALL Maria x "

Photos on this page were taken by member Nurse.

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