Online dating

The advantages of dating online and why it wasn't better "in my day"

The fact you're here probably means you're interested in online dating but don't know where to start. Don't worry, you're not alone. In recent years there's been an explosion in the numbers of people joining dating sites and meeting people online.

But it's not something we grew up knowing how to do. We didn't practice writing profiles behind the bike sheds at school. Or spend time dreaming in class about how to write the perfect email to attract a date.

In my case and probably many of yours we didn't have email at school. We had to meet people the old fashioned way and it didn't always work.

Once I left school I joined an industry that didn't particularly attract men. I was surrounded by other women all day. Soon enough my friends started leaving me to become one half of a cute couple. The phrase "smug marrieds" hadn't been invented but I sure recognised it when it was.

If this sounds familiar, don't despair because times have changed. There are many circumstances that could make it difficult to meet new people.

You may simply be too busy. You may be new to an area and not know anyone. You may be shy and would like to get to know someone before going on that scary first date.

Whatever the reason the great thing about online dating is that you can get to know people you would never normally meet. All from the comfort of your own home (maybe whilst wearing your favourite pair of tatty old jogging bottoms).

Quickly in your lunch break at work. Or if you're really quick at your desk looking like employee of the month engrossed in your computer screen. It fits in easily with your lifestyle.

If you've got kids you don't have to hire a babysitter while you sit in a bar and hope for the best. You can go online and be looking for a date whilst the kids are tucked up in bed.

If you are a very busy person, (who isn't) you can chat to lots of people but only meet those you have a real connection with

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