New dating inbox

When you're doing online dating, you need tools that will help you communicate as easily and efficiently as possible. Online dating sites try to provide good user experiences so that singles can meet each other without technology getting in the way.

New dating inbox featuresOn 6-Mar-2009 the free online dating site Midsummer's Eve launched it's new dating inbox. With features suggested by members, the upgrade echos the best-of-breed web based email services. This will allow members to organise their private messages, and making it easier to reach their goals of meeting new people and getting dates more easily.

New features in the new dating messaging service include:

  • Sort by sender:  now members can sort their messages by sender. This means that if an important message from a new contact comes in and members want to track the thread of a conversation, they can.
  • Sort by opened/unopened: the average online dater has a full inbox! Often messages get overlooked. Sometimes you just know there's a message waiting in their somewhere that you haven't opened yet, but which page is it on? Sort by opened/unopened lets you get there in one click of the mouse.
  • Sort by date. We've always had the ability to sort by date and this feature is now complemented by the other two searches (sender and opened/unopened). Now online daters can find the most recent messages quicky.
  • Set title length: online dating messages can be long or short just like normal emails, but often it's really useful to see a long precis of the messages in your inbox. This unique feature which we haven't seen on any other online dating sites, allows members to quickly skim their inbox for important messages from new dates. Message length can be set to short (the default), medium or long.
  • Check all and uncheck all buttons. If you're doing a lot of messaging you don't want to have to laboriously tick 25 checkboxes and then hit "Delete". This is just one example of technology getting in the way of the task, which is finding a great new date. So we have introduced Check All and Uncheck All buttons to easily allow the deletion of a whole page of messages in one go.
  • New paging. The new paging allows users to quickly get to any page of messages in their inbox. This is far more efficient and tidy than the old paginator.
  • Better icons. Icons should always be meaningful. The old icons indicating opened, unanswered and answered messages have been brought back with their clean and clear appearance allowing singles to see which contacts they should be attending to first.
  • Messages per page. Each member of an online dating has a different style of managing their contacts. Some people send and receive large numbers of messages. Others use the free messaging sparingly. So we have introduced a feature to allow 10, 25, 50 or 100 messages to be displayed per page at any one time. Perfect when combined with the new sorting features to find those all-important messages tucked away in the depths of the Inbox!

Above all technology should be a help when doing online dating, not a hindrance. The many improvements free dating site Midsummer's Eve have introduced into their new dating inbox will help singles to meet new people more easily, more efficiently, and add to the enjoyment of using the site they already love.

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