Mutual Friends news


This is to announce the final change in a round of changes that have taken place over the past couple of years, connected with Mutual Friends and it's relationship with Midsummer's Eve.

All you need to know in one sentence:

From 1st May you will log into your site via

The background and your questions answered

As you may know the two sites are identical except for their look and feel. They share exactly the same members and features, but are simply accessed from a different web address.

This situation has caused confusion from members of both sites. We apologise for this. We have learned our lessons, and changes like this will not happen again without advanced warning and a full explanation of exactly what is going to happen, when, and why.

No further need for two sites

Structuring the site with two entrance points was completely necessary at the time. But time has moved on, and there is no longer a need for Mutual Friends and Midsummer's Eve to have separate identities. Therefore the site will go forward under the banner of Midsummer's Eve.

If you joined us through Midsummer's Eve you will not be affected by this change in any way whatsoever.

If you joined us through Mutual Friends, you will simply log in via Midsummer's Eve ( from 1st May 2007.

To make the change smoother the Mutual Friends site will be adopting a design similar to Midsummer's Eve present design on 3rd April 2007. Except for those changes, you will not be affected in any other way.


Why is this change happening?

We have listened to members very carefully and we are fully aware that it is confusing to be a member of "two" sites, even though the site features and membership are identical. We have tried to make this as easy as possible to understand, but we are pleased to say we are now in a position to resolve it once and for all, by streamlining the sites together under the heading of Midsummer's Eve .

When is this change happening?

If you are a Mutual Friends member you can log in to Midsummer's Eve NOW, if you like. You can still log in to Mutual Friends for the time being. You will be ultimately asked to stop logging in via and start logging in via on 1st May 2007.

Where will I log in?

You will log in at:

Will I lose my membership benefits?

No, you will not lose any benefits, nor will you be separated from your on-site friends. Your profile, photos, private messages, friends list, conversations messages, membership points, etc will all remain exactly as they are now.

What I have paid for membership; will I lose my money?

No. You will not lose any Essentials benefits whatsoever and will experience no changes whatsoever to your Essentials membership.

What will happen to Mutual Friends?

We will be closing Mutual Friends on 1st May 2007 and relaunching it at a later date, but as a completely separate site. You will be welcome to join the new site, but there is no need to do so and you will not be automatically joined or obliged to do so in any way. Your data will not be passed across to the new site.

Will I be a member of both sites after this change?

No. You will be a member of Midsummer's Eve only.

Is my personal information safe and protected?

Yes. We have never, and will never, share your private data with any other company. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

Is this just another way of extracting money out of us?

No. This has nothing to do with raising revenue from you, nor will you be expected to pay anything more. In fact, we will be launching more free features for everybody to use in the future on Midsummer's Eve.

What if I forget to log in at the new location?

Don't worry - if you forget about this change and try to log in at we will detect this and automatically transfer you to . So there is no need to be concerned about forgetting where you are supposed to log in.

Isn't Midsummer's Eve a dating site? I am only here for friendship.

No. Midsummer's Eve is most definitely a friendship site, although it also offers dating and romance for those that wish it. Over 75% of our members are looking for friendship.

If you are still concerned, you can use our new group blocking features to ensure that only those looking for friendship can contact you.

But remember, you already know who is a member of Midsummer's Eve because they are exactly the same people who are members of Mutual Friends right now.

What will be happening with Midsummer's Eve in the future?

We will be pouring even greater effort than ever before to make Midsummer's Eve simply the best place for friendship, dating and romance on the Internet. We will be adding brilliant new features, many of which will be completely free, and listening very closely to what you have to say.

I am confused with all these changes.

We don't like making unnecessary changes and don't do so lightly. Things will be much less confusing once these changes are in place. The changes will take effect permanently on 1st-May-2007. Until then, you can still log in to Mutual Friends. In the meantime please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions which have not been answered here.