Which kiss is best? A look at kisses of all kinds

Everyone knows about kisses - after all, they’re easy to give (and receive!), fun, and a great way to show affection… or something else, for that matter! But giving the same kind of kiss over and over again might get tedious after awhile – fortunately, there’s a solution for this dire situation! How is that possible? The fact of the matter is, there are many different kinds of kisses you can give, so you're never stuck with just one lip-locking solution.


Not sure if you can pull off some of these titillating lip-exercises? Grab a partner and start practicing!

Sweet and affectionate kisses

- Browbone Kiss: While your partner is sleeping -- or maybe just resting for a few minutes -- quietly lean in and place a kiss just below the brow ridge on their forehead. This kiss is very sweet and intimate -- providing you don’t scare your partner by sneaking up on them while they’re sleeping, of course.

- Butterfly Kiss: When both of your faces are just a breath away, open and close your eyes so that your eyelids touch your partner’s cheek. This fluttering sensation is half-tickle and half-pleasant -- worth a try, anyhow!

- Eye Kiss: Put your hands on either side of your partner’s head, and slowly direct their head where you want to place your kiss… plant tiny kisses across the face until you’ve reached the eyelids, where you can place a gentle kiss right on top.

- Shoulder Kiss: Wait until your partner is out of the room… then go find them! Come up from behind, put your arms around them, and place a light kiss on the top of his or her shoulder. This kiss is very loving and gentle.

- Talking Kiss: This kiss is more verbal than, er… physical. Take a normal lip-lock, and add in some interludes where you can whisper some tender “sweet nothings” into your partner’s mouth. You could look into their eyes while doing this -- but most people have their eyes closed while kissing anyhow.

- Vacuum Kiss: A historic kiss! Mentioned in the 1936 manual “The Art of Kissing”, this kiss is performed while lip-locking with open mouths. During the kiss, suck in as though you were trying to suck all the air out of your partner’s mouth -- but according to the manual, you shouldn’t pull apart right away, lest a “loud smack startle others nearby”. This is obviously a playful kiss.

- Virtual Kiss: Definitely not as exciting as real physical contact, but it might have to do in a pinch. When talking to your online love interest (who you’d certainly be kissing if they were anywhere near you), send a virtual kiss by typing in :-*

Delicious and daring kisses

- Buzzing Kiss: Place your lips gently against your partner’s neck, right behind the ear. Begin to growl or hum very softly, which will send vibrations through your own cheeks and lips -- then start moving across your lover’s neck, across the face and lips. This kiss is just on the verge between sensual and erotic.

- Electric Kiss: This one is best when the other person doesn’t know it’s coming -- and happens to be a good sport. Turn down the lights, and shuffle across a carpet which you know tends to collect static electricity. The idea is to become charged with enough static electricity that when you lean in to give your kiss, sparks will literally fly in the darkness! Admittedly, it might hurt -- but the effect is fantastic.

- French Kiss: Open your mouths, stick your tongues inside -- doesn’t sound entirely romantic, does it? There’s a reason why it’s commonly called ‘tonsil hockey’. But consider this -- in some places, this is known as the Soul Kiss, because it is believed that the soul and its life traveled from one person to another through a breath, making its way across the tongues. A bit strange, perhaps, but at least slightly more appealing.

- Frozen Kiss: Take a very small piece of ice, and place it in your mouth. Open your mouth, kiss your partner, and pass the ice to each other with your tongues. This could be a very sensual experience -- but just make sure the ice is small enough not to cause problems if it’s swallowed. Accidents can happen!

- Hot vs. Cold Kiss: Run your tongue across your partner’s lips, which will warm them up -- then immediately blow gently on them, shifting the sensation to cool. The unique experience of this kiss will typically result in it being tried on you as well.

- Spiderman Kiss: Entirely popularized by the Spiderman movie, this kiss requires one of you to stand up behind the other and kiss them from over their head. To make this just slightly less awkward -- and hopefully more pleasurable -- each one of your can easily nibble the other’s bottom lip, a very sensual gesture.

- The Tease: Kiss the forehead… kiss the lips… then leave your partner wanting, placing kisses all the way down the arm and across the hand. Then start moving back to where you started, and kiss the lips lightly until your partner is tired of this teasing business! Then you can try one of the kisses in the next section…

Kisses That Are Not For Children!

- Earlobe Kiss: This is generally used in conjunction with the neck nibble kiss described below, to give the full experience. Take your partner’s earlobe between your lips, and lightly suck and nibble as necessary (your partner will let you know)! Be careful not to make loud suck or slurp noises, since you’re very close to the ear, and that will kill the mood pretty quickly.

- Foot Kiss: This kiss can be either romantic, erotic, or… just plain odd, depending on the recipient. The kisser should gently suck the partner’s toes, lightly kissing the foot every so often. Massaging the foot also tends to increase the experience… but remember that some people might find this far too ticklish to endure.

- The Hickey: Typically considered the kiss that “reminds lovers their interlude wasn’t a dream”, it also reminds everyone else what you were doing last night! The objective is to suck gently -- don’t draw blood -- and leave a reminder mark. Just be careful if you’re planning on visiting your mum's house the next day.

- Lip-Nibble Kiss: After a particularly rousing French kiss, don't break it off just yet! As you back away, grab your partner's lower lip between your teeth, and suck or nibble gentle. This can be an extremely stimulating experience, so… be prepared.

- Neck-Nibble Kiss: This kiss also tends to be a precursor to… additional adventures, so use at your own discretion! It can also be an alternative to the Hickey, if you don’t want to leave marks but still want a similar sensation. For this kiss, nibble and suck gently up and down your partner’s neck, ending with a sweet kiss on the lips. Then watch out…!

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