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Nothing is always as it seems

Digging for evidence

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Blackjack  Male  South Yorkshire
12-Jan-2021 23:51 Message #4803209
Frightening a population terrifying them with selective facts gets the ignorant to fall in line as they are frightened, which is the whole point. Fear makes individuals compliant, obedient, and if short of money and there is an incentive to shop people for violations then they will. The STAZI in East Germany demonstrated this as a fact for decades, which is why our security services and our US allies security services went in to find out how its was done.

Today the figures for Covid are rising, death almost smells real now, it could be you next, or you might kill someone accidentally and be a murdered to yourself for life. Its how to create fear and self doubt.

I do not trust anyone ambitious, it’s their psychological problem, a varying degree of being psychopathic, which is just extreme selfishness, but these individuals that are educated are charming and reassuring to all they meet.

So lets look at the evidence of deaths and why they happen and who they happen to and what might explain the rise in figures and increasing fears, justifying incremental draconian restrictions.

In the last year with covid between 20-25 thousand operations have been cancelled. The justifiable excuses is wards needed, surgeons unavailable, equipment failure, administrative errors, bed care unavailable wards being unavailable and so on.

On top of these figures we have people who need routine mediacal attention vital for cancer for instance, who wait.

Then we have the obese, the already medially compromised, the smokers, the drinkers, the diabetics, and others needing routine attention

Then there is diet. Poor diets from birth mainly experienced by the poor, the food bank crew, which has been going on for decades, never mind the homeless, those families trapped in crap housing all ripe for a lowering of the immune system. Its compromised as it is for those lacking vitamin D, and zinc.

So we have a wonderful collection of people who qualify for premature death, and all they need is a slight push, and into the government covid figures they go.

Flu and pneumonia have fallen, but lets be honest for once, they have been reclassified, to frighten and reinforce the figures for the process.

So do I personally believe the government figures for deaths this year…YES I DO!

Do I believe how they have explained the figures, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS as it would make them personally culpable for the mass slaughter of decent innocent people, exposing their incompetence and corporate skulduggery. Its about allocating money to corporate interests, not giving the overworked nurses, and the othe health care workers a proper living wage. The NHS workers all of them are being purposely worked to death, long hours, tons of stress, abject losses as they have been deprived of necessities, by the greedy corporations.

I can accept anyone making a mistake now and again but for months? Tens of thousands accidentally killed, and we allow this to continue!!! Were this sort of thing going on in China, Russia or Iran its enough to give an excuse to s=invade to save the populations like in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia, Yemen and the rest of the funeral
pyres we create. So now we accept it, it’s the new normal, a new way to get rid of the poor and ill, neglect on an industrial scale.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
13-Jan-2021 07:32 Message #4803214
Today the figures for Covid are rising

It's worrying that the fight against Covid has not been more successful but almost every country in the world with all their scientists and experts sharing knowledge and each taking similar steps the battle is far from over.
Could different actions be more successful? Of course nobody can possibly know but we must continue the fight.
Hopefully the new vaccines will be a game changer.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
13-Jan-2021 07:35 Message #4803215
Basically, everybody is doing the same thing so nobody knows if different actions would be more successful.
China convinced everybody, including the WHO, that lockdown was the only way and here we are...
NoSaint  Female  Devon
13-Jan-2021 07:38 Message #4803217
I don't see any reason to believe that China is leading the lockdowns. Individual countries are deciding it is the best way and maybe the lockdowns have already saved millions of lives.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
13-Jan-2021 07:47 Message #4803222
The WHO always stated that lockdown was not a viable option in any pandemic and should not be used. That was their standard advice for years and years.
Suddenly and mysteriously they completely changed their view, made a 180 degree about-turn and stated it was the only way to deal with covid.
The same with mass testing, mask wearing and the rest - the WHO have thrown the rulebook out of the window and are dancing to somebody else's tune....
NoSaint  Female  Devon
13-Jan-2021 08:16 Message #4803224
Obviously not dancing to your tune :(
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
13-Jan-2021 08:51 Message #4803234
Lol nobody is dancing to my tune. I'm one of those oddballs that nobody wants to sit next to on the bus.

You know the hilarious thing is most of the PPE we are wearing comes from China.
Flights go backwards and forwards from the UK to China to pick up loads of it - BA and Virgin have removed seats from passenger aircraft and turned them into cargo carriers so they can fit loads of pallets in.
There's even a dedicated flight from Bournemouth to Xiamen that constantly flies backwards and forwards - it's even got "Protect the NHS" painted on the side.

And China tell us they have eradicated covid, in a country of around 1.5 billion they've got the better of it.
No matter what we and other countries do, we cannot stop the virus spreading and yet they have turned it off like a tap.
Do you believe that?...
NoSaint  Female  Devon
13-Jan-2021 08:53 Message #4803236
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
13-Jan-2021 09:36 Message #4803244
I think you are right Nosaint

Heirophant - perhaps you re not using Lifeboy when going on the bus (are you old enough to remember those advertss.
zodiac1  Male  Flintshire
13-Jan-2021 10:12 Message #4803246
You can still buy Lifebuoy carbolic soap from amazon and other places

I swore by it years ago for a sensible protection from nasties out there .
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
13-Jan-2021 10:16 Message #4803249
The number of educated, arrogant people who do not wear a mask or abide by social distancing rule is embarrassing. It is if they consider themselves to be above the rules, and above getting infected. As stated on the Today program these are likely to be borderline psychopaths.

terry  Male  West Yorkshire
13-Jan-2021 10:30 Message #4803253
I think everyone is making some fair points, but equally all missing the same thing. When reading through all this I wondered what to say without being the boring old fart spouting the same boring old stuff.

It occurred to me, it's like we're all in a rusty old boat in a deep harbour, sinking because there are so many holes in the boat. We try to plug the holes, more appear, we move from one place to another to see if the balance will empty some of the water, we blame each other and try throwing some of us overboard into the water to lighten the load......nothing works, the boat is still sinking.

We need a new boat.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
13-Jan-2021 10:36 Message #4803254
What we need is a plan. The boat is drifting, we need our Govt to give us all a degree of hope by telling us what their plan is to get us out of this nightmare.
Stop telling us one thing one day, then contradicting it, the next...
Neros1954  Male  Devon
13-Jan-2021 10:44 Message #4803255
A new boat would be a good idea but would it be any better than the old boat? Most countries around the world are trying to find that unsinkable boat but no luck to date.

Where is Noah when you need him.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
13-Jan-2021 10:54 Message #4803258
I wish I was one of those oddballs nobody wants to sit next to on a bus, all the oddballs seem to gravitate towards me!
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
13-Jan-2021 11:50 Message #4803266 too WH, but the difference between us is that I prefer the oddballs to those who think they aren't.
Blackjack  Male  South Yorkshire
13-Jan-2021 12:17 Message #4803274
I failed to fully explain why the death figures are so high, which have all been classified as Covid-19.

This fuels the justification for the lockdown, and I am suggesting there is a bit of statistical skulduggery going on and will try and explain how its done.

We all agree that the deaths have been at an all time high and we are told its ALL DUE to us being stupid and spreading Covid-19.

We look at each other and blame a minority for causing this don’t’ we?

The mainstream media also find examples and people who flout the rules don’t they which reinforces the government's clains?

I wish to put forward an explanation of who is really to blame, and why they blame us, and punish us collectively for what we are told are a significant few BAD APPLES.

In April the Guardian states that the previous 3 months OVER 2 MILLION operations had been cancelled to free up beds. That include things like hip replacements as well as for cancer and other serious conditions.

So the serious operations will contribute to some deaths might you not agree in a few months time?

In October the figure of cancelled operations had risen to such a degree that the Guardian said by the end of the year 10 MILLION operations will have been cancelled.

Out of the 10 Million cancelled operations hundreds of thousands have had their cancer care cancelled. Its all in this link below.

So in April 2 MILLION waiting and 8 months later its 10 MILLION.

How many people might have died because of lack of care, due to cancelled operations since April 2020 over the last 8 months to the end of December 2020?

The government is telling up all the rise in death rates last year are due to covid. I am suggesting it’s a cynical manipulation of figures designed to boost and blame the death rate on JUST COVID, and not on NHS funding cuts, 100’s of Billions given to private companies such as Deloitte, SERCO, and G4 who know nothing about medical procedures, but we are told are running it for the NHS, when its about their profits. Profits always ome before [people in corporate ideology, otherwise what is the point, they are not charities.

So the deaths are pumped up though failed medial procedures adding to the Covid count, but are classified possibly rightly so as these vulnerable people will have volunteered for a test, as they were frightened and need this verification in order to be allowed to be seen by the NHS. Testing is imperitive to save lives. Thus they can be honestly said to have died after a test and said to be covid deaths. Its how some of the the covid deaths are manufactured.

The real blame, the real atrocity, the real culprits is the government inability to manage anything and when they interfere have cause the biggest disruptions, through years of cuts to the NHS beds and staff, never mind ordering hospitals to shove recovering untested infected people into care homes, with the bleedin obvious consequences.

I am suggesting we the public are being blamed and being restricted more to government ineptitude than the virus, and we are being blamed for spreading a virus when in fact it’s a ruse, a manipulation of the figures that allows our government to be blameless, and blame and punish the population for their own continuous unbelievable failures.

So what might you think after reading this?

A governemtn can ...... with mainstream media collusion..........fool all of the people all of the time!!
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
13-Jan-2021 12:17 Message #4803275
I disagree completely that ambition goes with psychopathy, as many can be ambitiously driven for the better of the social good. I think ambition is driven by different motivations, some just the self, some just for others, but more commonly a variation of both. It's where I have a problem with extreme wealth where those who think they have earned it, is purely for their own benefit.

I also don't think creating fear is about skulduggery. We might do it with our children to protect them. Whether you agree with it or not, I concede it is about control, but then where would you allow freedom of naive or ignorant individuals to inadvertently harm others?

I would suggest it is quite paranoid to think anyone is trying to deliberately work NHS staff to death, but my view is that is the result of partly and ignorant and uneducated and many uncaring Governments in recent pasts that has cut resources, leaving a skeleton crew, run to the bone, left to manage a system at minimum cost. You can even see now, that any contracts they are forced to put in place to try to keep the balls juggling, is part of a cronies run system where Johnson's clique are thrown the contracts as he carefully sacked any Conservatives who didn't support his agenda.

As for Russia and China, we know they "lose face" if they publicise any deficiencies. Look what they tried to hide in Wuhan. Look at the poisonings to silence people who speak out from Russia, and what is conflicting in your argument is their military are soon called in to control.

Both systems have advantages and disadvantages so that tells me, over time, we need something in the middle where people are expected to reduce their "rights" if it's during a pandemic to protect others, and maybe one day China and Russia will allow more individual liberties.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
13-Jan-2021 12:28 Message #4803279
I would suggest it is quite paranoid to think anyone is trying to deliberately work NHS staff to death

Exactly. I'm not sure those who say stupid things actually believe what they say.
SQL  Male  Devon
13-Jan-2021 12:52 Message #4803286
Blackjack - 13-Jan-2021 12:17

So what might you think after reading this?
A governemtn can ...... with mainstream media collusion..........fool all of the people all of the time!!

What I think is that you are using a common tactic of proposing an idea and then, a few items later, take your proposition as a truth to leverage even more weird arguments.

But then you come from Yorkshire (so your profile says) and we have seen some real oddballs from there on this site. Or maybe you are just one of the previous oddballs under a new name?

zodiac1  Male  Flintshire
13-Jan-2021 14:12 Message #4803304

Have you noticed something ?,

this Blackjack is 52 and comes from south yorks, is 5ft 10 ,single and no kids

his alter ego is VingtEtUn and only 37 from london ,is single with 2 kids and 6ft 1

He has already been seen to state that the latter is also the former

so is he a troll , a scammer or a prat ?
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
13-Jan-2021 14:26 Message #4803306
Or all three. I thought both of them were Maglorian who has been trolling for ages. One goes and the other appears lol.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
13-Jan-2021 14:36 Message #4803308
I don't agree with SQL or Zodiac either.

There's a few "authentic" people on here had two profiles, even "frilly knickers". I had already picked up on the "alter ego" a fe days ago.

What I do think is wrong, is assuming anyone who posts from Yorkshire is a troll or doesn't know what they are talking about, or if they come from a left wing stance they are all but one person.

Two of those accused from the past I knew as separate people, each had annoying differences and could get abusive if things abusive were thrown at them so it depends if people accusing Yorkshire people as sitting ducks and not expected to retaliate.

There's quite a few prats- posting things they think funny at the expense of others.
Scammers- tries to get something form you through dishonesty.
Trolls - people who track others to demoralise individuals through bullying.

I have seen any of that here so far.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
13-Jan-2021 15:35 Message #4803326
Well my observation, if anyone is interested, is that if the troop cannot best a new poster, or worst still, don't really know what he's talking about they immediately turn into a troll, a returning trouble maker, a cabal, anything that saves face.

Personally, I think BJ has a wealth of info, sorry BJ I've damned you forever for ever for saying that. But posts are a bit long, so not possible to fully reply to them, it would just take too long.

Oh yes JL is right. Trolls are people who track others to demoralise individuals through bullying. BJ doesn't do any of that.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
13-Jan-2021 15:44 Message #4803328
I agree with you Gilpin. I welcome a new poster if they have interesting things to say. I'm not we have had any new poster who is so illiterate we cannot understand what he is talking about. We even understand that foreign gentleman Kimjongun with his broken English.
I would not welcome a troll or a returning troll under a new guise. Some of us recognise these phonies very easily and some have the wool pulled over their eyes far too easily. Of course some realise it's a returning troll but would never admit it publicly lol.
The troll who was always banging on about a cabal has not been seen for some time ............ or has he !!!!

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