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Frightening Covid figures here

in Rushmoor (N E Hampshire)

Aely  Female  Hampshire
11-Jan-2021 20:15 Message #4803078
Talking to my long term boyfriend in Winchester a couple of days back (by phone - I haven't seen him since February 2020) he told me of a news report which had mentioned a "worrying" situation in my home district of Rushmoor. Yesterday I got a call from my brother, who has been hunkered down in Basingstoke with his family following his mother-in-law's funeral, unable to get back to their home in France, to tell me that he had now arranged the necessary tests and hopefully, if necessary car repairs had been successful, they would be catching a ferry on Wednesday. He confirmed what my friend had said so I checked online.

Rushmoor. about 1,500 cases per 100,00 people. We are a splodge of dark purple in a sea of red. The Kent mutation is here.
Just before Christmas we were in Tier 2, surrounded by Tier 3, a couple of days in Tier 4, then Christmas and lockdown. Why has this happened?

Our population is about 95,000, 10% of whom are Nepalese, many elderly. They are scrupulous regarding the infection. Never seen without a mask inside or outside shops. They follow the 2m rule religiously. We have a few areas of high density social housing and flats which are by their nature a bit problematic and of course we have some bloody idiots but much of the area is fairly decent housing, some of it very desirable, and a reasonably intelligent population.

We also have a College of Technology with a student intake of 8,000 and one of the largest by number of students and best rated 6th form colleges in the South of England. Over 3,000 youngsters. Local people do attend them but the vast majority of students come from far and wide. Like a University. 11,000+ students.

Unlike a University these youngsters (17 to early 20s mostly) do not live in local Halls. They came in every day and went home every day from a wide area. There may have been an attempt at Social Distancing while actually studying, no masks though, but in the morning and afternoon they flocked like birds, immortal and uncaring in their youth, arms linked, exchanging kisses, exchanging their bugs, locals and incomers alike, those who weren't blocking the roads with their cars flooding onto buses, many heading for the train station, or blocking narrow pavements leaving local residents the option of breathe it in or walk into the roads, crowding into the shops en route for their crisps, maskless.

Thank goodness the schools and college have not re-opened after Christmas. People here seem to be taking the problem seriously. My road is a cut through to the Main road but since the lockdown I have seen very few people out and about. The occasional jogger, masked, a mother with a push chair, an elderly couple taking a constitutional. But the damage has been done.
Blackjack  Male  South Yorkshire
11-Jan-2021 21:02 Message #4803096
About 100 miles from Rushmoor Debbie Hicks filmed herself wandering around Gloucester Hospital and then the sharing footage on social media which she claims shows the coronavirus pandemic is a 'massive scam'. Decide for yourself what is true and what is not.

In the eight-minute film, viewed by 158,000 people on Facebook, she says: 'We've been put in Tier 3, for this? It's a disgrace. I've seen less than 20 people. It's completely dead in an empty hospital with wards shut down and the lights off.

'Where are all the people dying and where is the mutant virus? I can’t see the evidence and neither can the public watching. We've been robbed of Christmas for this'.

Local Tory MP Siobham Baillie said: 'It's appalling that our Gloucestershire Hospital Trust had to spend their precious time during this difficult pandemic defending themselves against films on social media that were wrongly claiming the hospital is empty.'

Ms Hicks arrested by police for an alleged public order offence was handcuffed in her dressing gown and arrested by police who turned up at her home.
Orson  Male  Tayside
15-Jan-2021 13:43 Message #4803586
One is fortunate to live where there is a minority of people. One further hopes dear Aely will be spared the incredible stupidity of those who have too much freedom. After all, 10 months of staying inside and being considerate in your curtailed travels must be a veritable life sentence to many.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
15-Jan-2021 16:25 Message #4803594
It would have been a good thread Aely but there is always one idiot wanting to grab the limelight and spoil it for everyone else with their rubbish.
sunnyagain  Female  Hampshire
15-Jan-2021 20:18 Message #4803617
Aely, down to 1046 but still 2 or 3 times higher than the surrounding areas, it's not great at the moment but figures are falling each week so something is happening and the vaccine is being rolled out, I walk past the vaccination centre each morning, I've just not been invited in yet!

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