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Received by Text

Be Adviised

contender  Male  Leicestershire
9-Jan-2021 10:29 Message #4802865
On consecutive days I have received by text message that My Bank (2 so far) has flagged unusual payee requests.

The first bank I do not have an account with.

The second bank I do, but no current account with?

Both messages where sent by 'Status, Security - IDV.Com'

As the banks haven't contacted me direct, therefore this is a SCAM?

So be warned they are after you monies?

Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
9-Jan-2021 11:05 Message #4802867
There are several texting scams doing the rounds at the moment - O2, EE and Vodaphone - about missed payments

NHS Coronavirus - either you are being called for a vaccination and need to confirm your details by giving your bank details, or you have been in close proximity of someone who has tested positive - again needing you to confirm your details.

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
9-Jan-2021 11:11 Message #4802871
The more posters exposing scams the more people get to hear about them and can be more cautious. Some scams are very clever.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
9-Jan-2021 11:39 Message #4802878
Hello Contender,

Good to see you around!

Like others, I go down the scam suspicion, but I also wonder if there is any connection to a new thing that has popped up recently on a couple of online payments I have made to new payees where online there is a check that the receiver is authentic.

Previously, there was always the risk, if one got a digit wrong, the money could be lost, but on the last transactions, one for an EPC report and the second to a decorator, my bank First Direct had to align my entry to a valid account. If they didn't align, the payment was not allowed.

Could it be your texts could be related to the above if your details were similar to someone else's attempt to pay someone?
Just a thought.
contender  Male  Leicestershire
9-Jan-2021 17:39 Message #4802928
Hello Lyn

As there is no detail such as my name, or account details leads me to suspect that text sender has set up a computer program to send a message to all numbers starting with the first 3 digits!

Sea  Female  Essex
9-Jan-2021 20:28 Message #4802940
I received a scam text message the day after I arrived in Cyprus. It said 'EE UK: We have been unable to process your latest bill. In order to avoid fees, please update your billing information via, This bit was underlined. As I am not with EE and my bill date is the end of the month and last one had been paid, I knew it had to be a scam. No doubt if I had clicked on the link, it would have asked for all my card details etc. So everybody beware. and don't click on anything asking you to update bank cards etc.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
11-Jan-2021 03:03 Message #4802965
I'm guessing you all know where to report these scams to? as of the last one I reported the number was up to -

'As of 30/11/20 the number of reports received stand at more than 4,264,242 with the removal of 22,192 scams and 43,582 URLs'

Just in case you don't know and if you're interested, they can be reported at:
contender  Male  Leicestershire
11-Jan-2021 03:33 Message #4802966
Hi Terry

In respect to my thread - this was text messages sent via the mobile.

However as far as Email is concerned:-
Messages purporting to be from Paypal, I now forward to Paypal! These are quite easy to identify via the Email Address.
Messages regarding tax lump sums, again I forward those to the HMRC!

Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
11-Jan-2021 11:19 Message #4803003
I just received a call supposedly from HMRC which I didn't answer, so it went to voicemail.
The message was very threatening telling me or my solicitor to contact them immediately on a particular number, and if I didn't, to be prepared for serious consequences.
It ended by telling me to take care, which was nice of them.... lol
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire
11-Jan-2021 12:19 Message #4803012
Yes, I've had one of those purporting to be from Lloyds with whom I do not have an account. Also had 2 landline calls saying more or less the same and giving me choices of pressing 1 or 2. Yeah right, both deleted and blocked.
contender  Male  Leicestershire
11-Jan-2021 12:50 Message #4803020
Morning Hierophant

HMRC would never contact anyone by phone, normally it would be by letter?

So yes it is a scam - good that you ignored it.

contender  Male  Leicestershire
11-Jan-2021 12:52 Message #4803021
Well done Poppy!

Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
11-Jan-2021 13:01 Message #4803022
"HMRC would never contact anyone by phone, normally it would be by letter?"

Yes that's absolutely right, but unfortunately some people would panic when hearing mention of solicitors and would call the number to see what was going on.
These people rely on catching us off guard and sadly it works a lot of the time...
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
11-Jan-2021 20:08 Message #4803077
I had a scam phone call yesterday by some (broken) English speaking chap who wanted to talk about my BT internet . I let him go on a bit , and then asked him to repeat it ,as I was putting a trace on his call and wanted to make sure I had all his details. He hung up on me.... lol..... we dont even have a BT Internet.

We are always getting callers who want to discuss our Gas account.... I do the same there as we dont even have gas in our lane.

Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire
12-Jan-2021 00:26 Message #4803138
Oh that's a great way to deal with them V, I will try that one next time ;-)
contender  Male  Leicestershire
12-Jan-2021 10:26 Message #4803147
Hello Victoriana

I used to get a lot of calls from India about the error messages that my computer was sending out?

However since buying a phone with Call Guardian on it, all those nuisance calls have stopped?


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