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Have you experienced it?

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CircusMaximus  Male  North Yorkshire
21-Nov-2020 13:16 Message #4798552
Does it exist?
zodiac1  Male  Flintshire
21-Nov-2020 13:48 Message #4798553
Energised Senna Pods ?
Greencare  Female  Berkshire
21-Nov-2020 14:43 Message #4798556
Extrasensory perception is a fascinating subject. I'm not sure what is included within the esp description.
Intuition? Sixth sense? Don't we all feel those?
brisinger-the-beekeeper  Male  Lancashire
21-Nov-2020 15:24 Message #4798563
I use ESP 8266 in quite a few projects ;-)
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
21-Nov-2020 15:41 Message #4798566
Well, the cells in the brain use electricity to communicate. Scientists cannot, try as they might, fathom exactly how the brain works. Perhaps esp is a function of the brain that some people have.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
21-Nov-2020 22:36 Message #4798581
I haven't experienced ESP. I doubt that it exists, for the reasons below.

Some people might think that they have it, but they are probably lucky or sensitive to certain physical messages such as facial expressions or subtle clues. Coincidences happen, such as you thinking of someone and then they phone you, but you ignore the many more occasions that you think of them (even slightly, and you might not realise it) and they don't phone you.

In the brain, a neuron is a cell that transmits information by electricity. There are less than 100 billion (100,000,000,000) neurons in the brain, and when one sends a message its voltage changes by about 0.1 Volts. If they all fired at the same time in then same direction, then it would produce about 10 billion Volts! But you might have noticed that that doesn't happen! The electricity in the brain is too small to have an effect outside the head without special equipment. There is more interference due to electricity around you and between 2 people than there is any kind of electrical or other connection between their brains.

Many people claiming to have ESP have been shown to be fraudsters. James Randi offered $1 million to anybody who could demonstrate their special powers under close observation, and many tried to win it but all were exposed. See thread "R.I.P James 'The Amazing' Randi"

Magicians have done similar tricks to people claiming to have ESP and similar powers. For example, in YouTube:-
- "James Randi - Talk Back to NOVA, the Case for ESP"
- "James Randi shows his ESP"
- "Derren Brown - Séance | Full Episode"

I don't like it when people "read a mind" using a trick and seriously claim that they did it with their special powers.
I do like it when people "read a mind" using a trick and don't seriously claim that they did it with their special powers. I like it even more when they state explicitly that there is a trick, (whether or not they reveal what it is).
To see many methods of tricks to "read minds", see

For my suggested method of checking claims of telepathy using Zener cards (showing circle, cross, waves, square or star), see thread "What is good science? What is bad science?" on 24-Oct-13 at 16:40 and 28-Oct-13 at 22:48. The method looks boring, but I think that it avoids bias.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
21-Nov-2020 22:49 Message #4798582
My car as an on/off switch labelled ESP. I'm guessing that when it's switched on the car can sense danger and other vehicles getting too close before it actually happens.

That's technology!
BlinkinLights  Female  South Yorkshire
22-Nov-2020 00:23 Message #4798589
I think we all have it, but most people are just not listening ...
You need to concentrate
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
22-Nov-2020 14:28 Message #4798645
Possibly know as gut feeling.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
22-Nov-2020 18:12 Message #4798659
I believe the mind is a very strange and powerful thing.........the way we can see things just by thinking of them.....see our minds.......hear our minds.....

We've all got our own 'people' that we can hear or see in our minds.....People specific to us.....our family etc.....

But if we think of someone that we all might know......a celebrity perhaps.....we can all see and hear them....without them being our minds....even if they're dead.....

If I mention some like Bruce Forsyth, for instance.....someone we all have heard of......Don't know why him, he just came into my mind......but we can all see him, if we think about it, even hear him.....his catch my head....right his voice........weird or what......

So.....the mind can play all sorts of tricks........not just Brucie ones......

Bearing that kind of thing in's easy to see why people dream up all sorts of stuff......all sorts of mind stuff.......and then use it under the guise of ESP or something......

Some pretend....some lie.....some are mistaken in what they have experienced......

And once you commit to's very difficult to undo.......If you make it common knowledge that you are able to read minds or something....or predict future events.....or any other mind's almost impossible to then say that you made it all up.....People will tend to stick with their face etc.......

So.....We all can do strange things with our minds........but ESP?.......real ESP?.........a very very high percentage who claim to have ESP are mistaken or lying, in my opinion........
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
22-Nov-2020 18:24 Message #4798661
What do you define as ESP?

Personally I think a lot of whats called ESP is perfectly normal if atrophied sensory experiences, most of us know if we're being watched, we feel it, we don't always know how or why we do, but we do. I don't believe in the supernatural or paranormal, because I don't think anything can exist "outside" of nature, and plenty of unlikely things happen on a day to day basis to be called normal. But then maybe I feel like this because I'm weird prone, being weird prone is a bit like being accident prone but stranger, like when I fell down a rabbit hole whilst thinking about Lewis Carrol.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
22-Nov-2020 20:15 Message #4798674
My car as an on/off switch labelled ESP. I'm guessing that when it's switched on the car can sense danger and other vehicles getting too close before it actually happens.

That's technology!

That's futuristic.
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands
22-Nov-2020 20:50 Message #4798683
Well, all i can say is the times i have been ringing someone and there phone was engaged only to find out when i've got through that they were ringing me also at the same time ... I don't know if it can be classed as ESP but it feels blooming strange and its not always the same person its happened with several folk i know ... strange!

Andy Mac
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
22-Nov-2020 22:33 Message #4798697
At the risk of showing a lack of knowledge. What is esp on a car and what does it do?

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
22-Nov-2020 22:39 Message #4798701
Eject Silly Passsenger......
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
22-Nov-2020 22:45 Message #4798702
i read a book once which referred to this kind of event;

you might be sitting at/in a cafe [eg] watching the world go by, and for some reason you fixate your gaze on a particular person for some particular reason...
.... invariably that person will turn round and look directly at you.... i find thats true most of the time.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
22-Nov-2020 23:04 Message #4798706
I believe, with things like that, there's often a much higher percentage chance of a 'rational' or 'non psychic' explanation, than there is of a psychic one......

Things like.....

In a cafe full of people, or even a few people, there's always someone looking around, watching the world go by as well.....

Peripheral vision.....Movement...

A human trait of thinking you'r being stared at......Looking round......and someone is staring in your direction....often past you...

A movement of you/someone attracts their/your attention.....

All sorts of other things......

Most people, no matter what......will not look around when you try and 'force' an ESP thing......They are oblivious......

Which, even on their own, each point probably greatly outweighs an ESP psychic moment....

Added together......the psychic thing becomes tiny.......not totally gone......but very small.....

I actually wish I believed it existed more.....and that I could do it......but I don't......

I can't move objects just by mind only either........or bend spoons.....
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
22-Nov-2020 23:08 Message #4798707
Andromeda. It's the Electronic Stability Programme which improves stability.

The other ESP is more complicated. I'm sure we have all had experiences which could be described as esp but most might choose to call it intuition or sixth sense or .......
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
23-Nov-2020 22:23 Message #4798790
I was stood in the shopping centre today and felt someone was looking at me. I turned my head and an old friend was staring at me from about 20 feet away. He was completely behind me. ESP or something else?
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
25-Nov-2020 22:08 Message #4798951
I don't think esp can be dismissed as nonsense.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
25-Nov-2020 23:01 Message #4798961
I don't think that claims such as ESP should immediately be dismissed as nonsense. You never know, there might be some scientific principle, (like quantum entanglement), that could get its discoverer a Nobel prize. But among billions of people, the probability is that some will have chance events or co-incidences that are highly unlikely.

Claims should be subjected to close observation, including preventing cheating, and keeping counts of successes and failures.

People claiming to have ESP applied for James Randi's $1 million prize, using tests that the claimants and checkers agreed to, but all failed to show that they had ESP.
I suspect that ESP hasn't reliably been shown to exist - but I'm no expert on the subject..


You might have previously very briefly noticed your friend, maybe from a corner of your eye, without immediately realising it. Your friend might have partly recognised you and been staring at you for a while, trying to see whether it really was you. But obviously I don't know the situation.

Sometimes someone might think that they are being watched, and turned around and found they were wrong, but they don't count those occasions. includes:-
"But what about the feeling that someone outside your field of vision, such as behind you, is watching? Is it really possible to “sense” that? This has long been a source of scientific investigation (the first study on this was published in 1898) – probably because this idea is very popular. Some studies have found that up to 94% of people report that they have experienced the feeling of eyes upon them and turned around to find out they were indeed being watched.
Sadly for those who wish we were X-men, it appears much of the body of research supporting the "psychic staring effect" appears to be suffering from methodological issues, or unexplained experimenter effects. For example, when certain experimenters act as the watcher in these experiments, they seem to be more "successful" at getting people to detect their stares than other experimenters. It is almost certainly an unconscious bias, perhaps due to initial interactions with the experimenter.
Memory biases may also also come into play. If you feel like you are being watched, and turn around to check – another person in your field of view might notice you looking around and shift their gaze to you. When your eyes meet, you assume this individual has been looking all along. Situations where this happens are more memorable than when you look around to find no one looking at you."
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
26-Nov-2020 15:02 Message #4799023

You might have previously very briefly noticed your friend, maybe from a corner of your eye, without immediately realising it. Your friend might have partly recognised you and been staring at you for a while, trying to see whether it really was you. But obviously I don't know the situation.

Of course and neither of us can possibly know. Do our eyes send a signal from the brain? Was my esp alerted by the signal?

Like so many things we have a lot to learn and we know very little when looking at the bigger picture.
SQL  Male  Devon
26-Nov-2020 17:35 Message #4799044
Yes ESP or something very similar exists, no doubt in my mind at all. I do get somewhat annoyed by the 'scientists' in this world who insist that nothing can exist if they cannot measure or detect it.

I would liken their attitude to a group of people corralled in a box and cannot possibly entertain that any world can exist outside their little box. I remember Prof Brian Cox bleating one day about being at CERN (Large Hadron Collider) and being able to detect trains leaving from Zurich station over 200 miles away. Then he said God cannot possibly exists because He doesn't show up on these very sensitive instruments, talk about blinkered !

JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
26-Nov-2020 20:14 Message #4799063
I have had trouble engaging for over a week because this thread was too close to comfort.

To be honest, I've been really struggling with the unexpected death of my ex husband last Thursday, so all three of our children are dealing with that in my home at the moment.

But the reason is, I have had a few experiences of what you may or not call Extra Sensory Perception, where I feel something is going to happen, then it does, but it isn't a prediction, just a vague feeling. It happened when I had a shock when I passed my grandfather a cup of tea years ago, and I had a flash I wouldn't see him again. The following week he died in hospital after going in overnight, just for observation for a urine problem, then he fell, hit his head, and died a few days later of a head injury. He was 92.

Another time, I was motorcycling behind two friends and another vague feeling of an imminent event. Then the motorcycle skidded across into the path of an oncoming car and slid underneath. Luckily, no deaths or serious injuries.

Anyway, my ex husband (I found the body after our sons told me they were concerned he had not been responding to their calls for 5 days) must have died 4-5 days before I found him on his bathroom floor. I suspect, but don't know the Post Mortem result for another week, that he had a stroke or a heart attack, then fell and died after also obtaining an awful head injury.
Around the time h may have died, I had just awoken at around 08:30am, when I heard someone call my name urgently, then it faded away, loud enough to make me jump, like when my mum used to call me, but a different voice. I found it disturbing, but put it down to my imagination or not quite being fully awake.

I just thought I'd share it and hope no one see it OK to use this as a source of humour as it wouldn't be appropriate right now.

Is it ESP, or just coincidences?
I don't know.
I'm not religious but I do have an open mind on there being other energies swirling around than just the light going out.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
26-Nov-2020 21:37 Message #4799065
Sorry to hear what happened JustLyn it must have been upsetting and traumatic. I think we have far too many experiences of esp to dismiss it any way.

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