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Alternative to Microsoft Word

Any ideas?


Aely  Female  Hampshire
20-Nov-2020 15:32 Message #4798464
I know there is a well thought of free and compatible alternative but can't for the life of me remember what it is called.

persona_non_grata  Male  North London
20-Nov-2020 15:44 Message #4798465

terry  Male  West Yorkshire
20-Nov-2020 16:19 Message #4798468
The one I have is Open Office Aely.

brisinger  Male  Lancashire
20-Nov-2020 16:28 Message #4798469
If you want to use the cloud there's Google Docs.

Beach  Male  Dorset
20-Nov-2020 16:32 Message #4798470
Libre Office supercedes Open Office in as much as there is now a Libre Office non profit foundation supporting the software; the software being regularly refined or updated and always reliable, classy and of the very highest calibre.

For those not familiar;

Libre Office WRITER can replace MS Word entirely.
Libre Office CALC can duplicate MS Excel
Libre Office IMPRESS can mimic / replace MS Powerpoint.
Libre Office DRAW, BASE and MATH compliments the suite.

Any existing MS file or doc format, (and other formats), are fully supported.

The Libre Office Suite software is downloadable entirely free at LibreOffice.orggg (spelled that way to avoid the site bots), although if you have a heart, you can donate funds to support the project.

Every product or sale capable of having Libre Office installed on it goes out of my biz suitably equipped. Windows, Linux, whatever.

Can't praise it highly enough.

Aely  Female  Hampshire
20-Nov-2020 23:09 Message #4798524
Thank you folks. It was Open Office i had seen recommended in the past. I did find Libre Office when searching but didn't recognise the name. I will look into both.
Pboro Trevor

Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
21-Nov-2020 10:31 Message #4798540
Whatever happened to Wordstar and Smart All In One?


Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire
22-Nov-2020 00:34 Message #4798592
Oh Trev there were a lot more than that - Wang, Fortune, Word Perfect (the best in my opinion) Wordstar, and loads more. I used to teach word processing and the variety was daunting!

contender  Male  Leicestershire
22-Nov-2020 10:24 Message #4798615
Hello Aely

I take it you are concerned about paying a monthly or year fee for using Microsoft Office 365?

Well I have a copy of Office 2007, which works fine, whilst it may not have all the current tweaks, but when would use them?

An alternative would be, but they haven't been in contact recently, so at present can't share their details, but you would pay a nominal fee.

Alternatively you could google microsoft office 2019 software free download, and find the cheapest option for you.


tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
22-Nov-2020 10:51 Message #4798623
When I used to work on the Mainframes in the 80's and 90's.....before all the new fangled stuff.....we used something called IBM thing....

You could do some fancy stuff with it......but it was a bugger to get right.......Forever printing a page to see if it was better etc.......

We had the main printer in our Ops dept.....Various departments started to have their own little printers during those years.....but generally had to use our main one.....

When they were trying to get SCRIPT correct....they would come down from the third floor....or sometimes another building.....check to see what was printed.....go back upstairs......correct the SCRIPT.....print it again.....come back down.....Check it again.....go back up.....correct the SCRIPT.....print it again.....come back down......repeated many many times.....

NottinghamPrincess2017  Female  Nottinghamshire
1-Jun-2021 23:46 Message #4823109
Libreoffice ??

NottinghamPrincess2017  Female  Nottinghamshire
1-Jun-2021 23:47 Message #4823110
Libreoffice ??

NottinghamPrincess2017  Female  Nottinghamshire
1-Jun-2021 23:48 Message #4823111
Libreoffice ??

jpv  Male  North Yorkshire
2-Jun-2021 00:09 Message #4823114
Hello Aely,

Here are the two links to the free office software already mentioned by MSE members:

Can I also suggest that you check out this site:

Amazing cheap prices.
I have used them recently for the purchase of office software and I also exchanged few emails - very helpful. The Microsoft Office I bought works fine.
Can I point out that I have no personal connection with the company, I have only used them to purchase the software.


I know many people in the old days used Wordstar, does anyone remember Q-Office and Uniplex for Unix systems? I used to support both of them in the '80s and early '90s.


HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
2-Jun-2021 06:51 Message #4823131
Good info jpv.

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