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terry  Male  West Yorkshire
19-Nov-2020 17:00 Message #4798360
I know there's no real answer to it, and we're unlikely to change, but it does seem to be getting worse.

I'm talking about divisions, differences, leading to arguments.
To me there is only one division, the have's and the have not's, those in power and those who keep them in power, the workers and the rulers. Yes it's a simplistic view of life but the divisions between 'the workers' do seem far more pronounced now than when I was a kid...maybe it's more an age thing and I'm wrong?
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
19-Nov-2020 17:22 Message #4798364
There's no denying we have divisions but I think it's more complex than the have and have nots. I do think it is exacerbated by the media and social media which both thrive on creating division or creating a perception of division.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
19-Nov-2020 18:22 Message #4798367
In some ways, I think it is even simpler. There are people who do and there are people who don't. The people who don't, need the people who do to do, so that the people who don't, can have more than they deserve. In any scenario that I can think of, the people who do get a hard time from the people who don't, so that the people who don't, don't have to do it themselves. And maybe that's the answer, the people who do, should tell the people who don't to bog off and do it themselves.
Nowhere other than where I work is there a better example. At the moment, I work for one of the world's largest multinational corporations (if not the largest) in an environment where we are told that we are all leaders. Unfortunately, I am one of the people who do and I do a lot because I have the wit, skills, knowledge and experience to do. There are a lot of people who don't do much, accept lead, and the net result is that I have more managers than I could shake a bloody stick at. I've had to learn to say no some times, so that they don't flog me half to death, like they did about 3 years ago. They may succeed yet.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
19-Nov-2020 18:48 Message #4798373
I think the divisions around class and work are different to what they were, I'm not sure that class divisions really apply to most people anymore, not in the way they used to. The idea that if you had more than a basic education and worked in an office you were automatically middle class, voted a particular way, etc seem to have disapeared.

I think we're more aware of what divides us than what might unite us, but I don't think those divisions are particularly new either.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
19-Nov-2020 19:31 Message #4798381
They say that politics, race and religion can divide people. Though I find on here for me that it is often people's life values that put me off them. Matters of status and material wealth don't impress me very much. I'm much more interested in what kind of person someone is, how they treat others and do they have interesting stories to tell. And nowhere else than the threads on politics and religion show up people's life values. Maybe that is the main reason that one does not talk politics and religion at polite dinner parties, in case you reveal far too much about yourself that may not reflect on you in a good light.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
19-Nov-2020 20:30 Message #4798387
Divisions come in all sorts of varieties, shapes and sizes.....Some examples....

Divisions in Sport.....Football, for instance........Involving promotions and relegations.....

Work in general......Management and 'Shop floor workers'........Often a supervisor type roll inbetween....getting it from all angles...

Crossing the divide.....You see it often......Working your way up......Going from being one of the 'workers' one of the 'management'......Forgetting all the issues that you and your fellow workers had with management......You're management now.....A whole different ball game.......

Then there's the same old.........Politics, Religion, name a few....

Then.....dividers in folders......Keeping all your stuff in some sort of order....Pink ones, yellow ones, blue ones....a few more colours, you get the idea......All with little tabs that you can write on.....
BlinkinLights  Female  South Yorkshire
20-Nov-2020 00:46 Message #4798411
I cant do division, but I can add and multiply !!

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