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Mother of Feminism Tribute Statue Panned.

And I am not surprised.

Beach  Male  Dorset
14-Nov-2020 20:56 Message #4797905
No. Don't ask me. I have no idea who Mary Wollstonecraft was but if she was meant to represent feminism, I wonder why her statue is naked, has the physique of a 1970's low resolution plastic Tempo action figure and is adorned with an unkempt lady garden that looks like it was stuck on as an afterthought?

Can I see a woman representing someone "intellectually reaching for the stars" as the statue is supposed to suggest?

Do you think it is a statue "designed to represent every woman." as Sculptor Maggi Hambling claims?

Liberated? Not intimidated by anyone? (Plus lots of similar magnolia platitudes).

Mmmmhh. I'm not impressed.

I'll put a link in a following post. (If the bots allow it through). If not, check out the thing yourself online.

"Mary Wollstonecraft" - "Mother of feminism" - "Sculptor Maggi Hambling"
Beach  Male  Dorset
14-Nov-2020 21:00 Message #4797906

Honestly. Comparing it to a plastic Tempo figurine is an afront to plastic toys.

It's just ... crap. Breathtakingly so.
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
14-Nov-2020 22:25 Message #4797909
Typical of so many statues and monuments that have obviously met the approval of a few "we are cleverer than you" types and are often an insult to the person they are representing. A great shame when so many talented artists could produce something tasteful and meaningful.
Aely  Female  Hampshire
14-Nov-2020 22:50 Message #4797914
She married a Mr Shelley and wrote a book about a monster but she was also wrote books about the benefits of educating girls and started a school to that end.

It is a ridiculous statue. For one thing, she is hiding behind a large a manner of speaking. Why is she naked? Why is the statue miniscule and the "plinth" (a horror in itself) so large? The t shirt that locals have added is an improvement. They should get their £130,000 back
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
15-Nov-2020 10:46 Message #4797952
Wasn't it her daughter Mary Shelly who wrote Frankenstien? Hadn't Mary Wollstencraft died by then?

I thought the statue tacky and wondered how it celebrated a woman known as "The Mother of Feminism", why do we have a statue "for" MW and of her? Or at least something that shows some kind of legacy? I didn't think the female figure rising from the amorphous mass that makes up most of the statue looked like an every woman, where were the lumps and bumps, the stretch marks, why is she naked?
Neros1954  Male  Devon
15-Nov-2020 11:59 Message #4797969
An awful stature and a terrible waste of money.
Beach  Male  Dorset
15-Nov-2020 13:00 Message #4797984
Oh my.

What a dipstick I am - claiming I didn't even know who Mary Wollstonecraft was.

As I have just been reminded, (above), Mary Wollstonecraft is Mary Shelley; one of my all time favourite authors and the young girl who, taking up a challenge by Byron and her, yet to be famous poet husband, actually penned a "horror story", initially, just to compete with any story that the two men might have come up with.

And in the shadow of the industrial revolution and the personal experience of having suffered multiple childbirth deaths and other grief at an early age, Mary Shelley ensured that her monster would not just represent the concept of mankind meddling and never quite appreciating the dangers of tinkering with nature but also the tragedy of an entity being pursecuted cruelly for just being different; a device that allowed or enabled Mary Shelley to release her own tsunami of heartbreak and loss, instead pouring all of those emotions into the character of Frankenstein's monster, a being who had no choice but to be born already grown up and on the run with no chance or opportunity to have experienced growing up. (Something, perhaps, Shelley herself was expressing and explaining in her masterpiece novel, possibly one of the very first paperback book's to sell well and capture the public's imagination.

And now I now who the statue is supposed to be representing and celebrating, I am TRIPLEY appalled at such an abominable piece of tat being allowed to represent the GIANT of femininity and literature that the statue fails miserably to depict.
Beach  Male  Dorset
15-Nov-2020 13:05 Message #4797985
Oh FFS! Mary Shelley WAS the daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft!!!

I take back my own dipstick comment aimed at myself. ;-)
Aely  Female  Hampshire
18-Nov-2020 16:41 Message #4798259
Yep, WH is right - as she often is.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
21-Nov-2020 12:58 Message #4798551
Apparently the artist is well known for producing controversial work. This says to me that the work is more about her than it is about the sculpture.
Templar2013  Male  South East London
21-Nov-2020 14:53 Message #4798559
Most statues are provided from public funds and displayed in public places so surely the most important factor should be to look pleasing to the public eye and not impressing a few "experts"
Mumsie  Female  Warwickshire
21-Nov-2020 19:15 Message #4798576
Disgraceful, that kind of money paid for this statue, it does nothing by it being naked , a loose robe to cover the body , would have been more suitable.
Did the artist expect a fantastic response to this creature , with its large protuberance 0n the lower abdomen

Maybe am just an old prude who does not enjoy nakedness such as this
brisinger-the-beekeeper  Male  Lancashire
21-Nov-2020 20:32 Message #4798578
I would imagine the artist has achieved her objective just by adding a poorly made merkin for a laugh to cause controversy because that is the mentality of artists.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
25-Nov-2020 23:14 Message #4798962
Apparently the artist is well known for producing controversial work. This says to me that the work is more about her than it is about the sculpture.


BrexitBob  Male  Oxfordshire
28-Nov-2020 21:47 Message #4799191
Local authorities often work with artists to produce over priced rubbish when a tasteful statue or piece of artwork could be appreciated by locals and visitors for many years.

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