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Switching electricity and gas to Shell Energy

Any issues ?

The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
7-Nov-2020 13:17 Message #4797098
Has anyone had any issues with having (or switching) their electricity & gas supplied by Shell Energy (formerly First Utility) ?

My current Collective Fixed rate Tariff is coming to an end shortly so I need to twist or stick.

I can stick with my current supplier E-on (providing I have a smart meter fitted, grrrrr) on an existing customer follow on fixed deal.

Or I can twist and switch via the Cheap Energy Club (part of the Money Savings Expert website) to a Collective Fixed tariff they've secured with Shell Energy.

It's a cheaper tariff, but doesn't run for as long as the one being offered by my current supplier.
I haven't had any issues switching with the Cheap Energy Club before but reading some of the online reviews for Shell Energy I need to factor if the savings to be made are worth the hassle of not being able to contact someone easily or them messing the bill up (which seems to be the main failings).

I'm not interested in opinions on any other supplier as I've done the sums and comparisons and these are the only 2 options I'm considering. So if anyone has any first hand experience of dealing with Shell Energy (or First Utility as was) it would be very helpful.

Ta muchly.
BlinkinLights  Female  South Yorkshire
7-Nov-2020 17:03 Message #4797166
Sorry 38P - I'm having same problem - BG are terminating my current tarriff and I'm not sure what to do, as you say, twist or stick. The new tarriff they want me to take has a £30 exit fee - bloomin' cheek !!

Does it matter where you live? E-ON are (I belive) only down south, and I used to be with them when down there.

Good luck with your decision making.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
7-Nov-2020 17:22 Message #4797169
We're with Bulb and have not had any problems with them, nor did we with our previous supplier Ovo, I've not heard of the one you're on about 38P, but I can't see MSE trying to sell you a duff deal.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
7-Nov-2020 17:48 Message #4797184
i moved over to shell in september....everything went seamlessly.

i chose shell because they didnt insist on me having a "smart" meter and were at the time the second cheapest [the cheapest insisted on the meter].

so, so far so good...
The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
7-Nov-2020 20:31 Message #4797216
Yes fosy, that is another thing that is in the mix too.
I haven't got smart meters, don't particularly want them, and don't agree with the billions being spent on installing them.

Thing is I've always been impressed with how easy the E-On website works, when running your account.
So "better the devil you know" also comes into the mix.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
7-Nov-2020 22:59 Message #4797237
we all already have "smart meters"...commonly referred to as "switches".

shell,s account info and operation is good.
The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
13-Nov-2020 11:36 Message #4797787
After doing the sums I decided to give them a try and "twist".
The potential savings over the term of the fixing made it worthwhile and it annoyed me that "sticking" would mean mandatory smart meters being required and having to pay more for the priviliage of staying.
(As fosy said I already have a perfectly good system of smart meters installed around the house, called switches, and sensible use of those hasn't cost all of us consumers £11 billion and counting).

Although the base cost of the gas and electricity didn't differ too much the daily standing charges were much higher staying with the current supplier on a rollover deal. This seems to be the way most suppliers are now guaranteeing their returns as that element has to be paid regardless of how careful you are with how much energy you use.
Having done quite a few switches over the years this seems to be where the "Collective" deals win out because the standing charges are usually heavily discounted.
Now just hoping for a smooth transition process.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
13-Nov-2020 15:32 Message #4797800
nice to see feedback from the op on the final decision....some members ask for help then you hear no more from them.
Mumsie  Female  Warwickshire
13-Nov-2020 17:07 Message #4797814
I changed to Avco at the beginning of the year from British Gas ,who I think been with most of my life , much cheaper per month , so far so good with them .
The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
16-Nov-2020 12:33 Message #4798102
Presumably that was AVRO Energy.

They don't come up on some of the comparison sites for me (MSE-Cheap Energy Club being one & not sure why that would be, as I think I used to see Avro on their comparison listings. It seems from comments made on the CEC forum that others have noticed this too. So is a bit disappointing from Martin Lewis's Money Savings Expert site).
I can get a quote from AVRO online directly, so maybe this time next year when I'm looking on whether to "stick" or "twist" again I'll bear them in mind and also remember to check multiple comparison sites.

Anyhoo, cost wise Avro would work out slightly more for me than the new Collective deal I'm switching too, so the pricing might vary depending on where your property is.
I guess they mistakenly figure anyone living within the Greater London area can afford to pay more :-((
Mumsie  Female  Warwickshire
16-Nov-2020 13:40 Message #4798106
that was an oops yes it is AVRO, just put it down to my age , these slip ups
The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
19-Nov-2020 23:59 Message #4798402
So the switch is going according to plan at the moment.
Online account is open and communication from Shell has been good.
And due to a late run of some utility companies (including E-on) releasing a new fixed tariff to compete with the Collective deals around, the Shell one got slightly cheaper as they've undercut those deals by increasing the cashback by an extra £10 a year.
So my projected bills gone down before I've even switched.

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