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tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
21-Oct-2020 11:04 Message #4795697
People seem obsessed with ratings in todays world........Probably in yesterdays world as well.....but certainly more in todays world....

I was watching some Uber videos.....Bad customers etc...... most will a form of Taxi.......It's big in USA.....and other countries.....As far as I'm aware, not as big here.....

Uber has rules......Amount of passengers in a normal one is 4.......You can order a large one with I think 6 costs a bit more.....

Also loads of other rules.......Payment by App...Upfront.......No cash......Destination has to be exact.....Any detours or stopagges on the way have to be added...all sorts...

Passengers abuse some of these....Things like try getting 5 in a 4.......The drivers filming with dashcam tell them poiltely...then if the passengers don't accept....the driver cancels the ride....Orders them out of the car......It can get heated........The drivers livelyhood is at stake if they don't comply with regulations.....and the car also only has 4 seatbelts....

One of the first things the irate passengers say is 'I'm giving you a 1 rating'......even though it was them trying to cheat the system.......

Ratings seem King.....Usually 5 is the maximum.......but the average goes down with each lower rating.....

There was an episode of Black Mirror where everyone was obsessed with ratings.....Everyone was able to read everyone elses rating for life in general.......using special technology implanted into everyone.....and then snobs for instance wouldn't speak to anyone with a lower rating......

In another thread.....I quoted some 'pie' ratings.......

Do you give ratings?......and are you critical or leniant?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
21-Oct-2020 11:11 Message #4795699
I don't use use Uber, I don't think we have it here? But on the whole I don't give any ratings, I think the whole things a fix, you've got some who create loads of false approval and others who slag off a rival so as thier overall score goes down. Some places don't let you give negative ratings or try and make you upgrade your rating, so how is it in any way a useful thing to take any notice of?

I think I wouldn't want to be around the sort of people who took notice of life approval ratings anymore than I want to be around people who care about things like how you dress, what you drive or what job you do.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
21-Oct-2020 11:15 Message #4795701
I don't tend to do it, but one joy on a wet Sunday afternoon is reading the feedback on youtube or even places like Argos.
Youtubers tend to be very cutting and funny, whereas places like Argos and Screwfix attract people who feel the need to tell you their life story as part of the review for something incredibly mediocre.
Finding out about Bob and Sandra and the problems they had when buying a roller blind from Argos, taking it back twice because it was faulty and how Jan on the till was lovely and very helpful is a modern delight...
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
22-Oct-2020 09:11 Message #4795767
In an increasingly on-line world we now rely on ratings to help us make a choice. Many, many years ago it would have been by word of mouth.

We all like to make informed decisions

persona_non_grata  Male  North London
22-Oct-2020 09:32 Message #4795770
Uber has been my first choice of travel for years now. They introduced the app and booking a cab took seconds on a mobile when you are busy and need to get around quickly. I do use black cabs in London as well (they now have a black cab app) when I have a lot of luggage or need easy wheelchair access.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
22-Oct-2020 09:51 Message #4795772
I do give ratings on Tripadvisor as I travel quite a bit and eat out a lot so I try to give credit where credit is due. The few meals/venues which I rated very bad have usually replied online with an explanation and I try to go back to see if they have improved and then give them a better rating and write up if deserved.
I sometimes get other travellers contact me, via tripadvisor, for info or advice particularly on access for the disabled to venue and toilets which is something I always rate.
Templar2013  Male  South East London
22-Oct-2020 23:13 Message #4795816
Most of us in London have used Uber. They did lose their licence for a while but are back now.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
10-Nov-2020 07:42 Message #4797471
I often give google ratings when I'm disappointed or pleasantly surprised at the service I receive.
The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
10-Nov-2020 17:44 Message #4797527
I always try and give constructive and informative reviews, if the product/service warrants it.
I find it a bit pointless when some people give a review that they don't know what the product was like as they hadn't tried it because it was a present for someone else?. Duh!
I bought some car & camping accessories online from Euro Car Parts during lockdown.
I gave them and the products a well deserved glowing review and got a gift pack of various car cleaning wipes worth about £20 for my troubles. Result.
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
17-Nov-2020 16:58 Message #4798169
I bought a coffee machine which uses pods about six months ago and they contacted me today for a score out of five. That is a lot better than the online surveys which ask a dozen questions!
LadyVera  Female  Cumbria
20-Nov-2020 22:56 Message #4798521
I don't think I have reviewed anything. I do sometimes say I will when I've been impressed with a service but never get around to it.

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