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Some ones got thier dates


wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
17-Oct-2020 11:06 Message #4795360
I just had a confirmation email for something I ordered online its expected arrival date is 1st january 1929!
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
17-Oct-2020 11:11 Message #4795363
You should have had it years ago, unless it really means 2029?!?!?

Jeff  Male  East Sussex
17-Oct-2020 11:34 Message #4795365
On 01-Jan-1929 in the 15th Rose Bowl American football match, Roy Riegels of the California Golden Bears ran "60 yds the wrong way with fumble recovery", which made his team lose the match.
(That is often called the worst ever blunder in college football, and at the time the incident had about 4,500 newspaper articles taking quarter of a million column inches. Roy "Wrong Way" Reigels greatly regretted it, but later he helped others to overcome their mistakes.)

Maybe your parcel is going the wrong way in time, and postmen are fumbling its recovery.
Brundall  Male  Lincolnshire
17-Oct-2020 16:13 Message #4795383
A fortnight ago I was diverted in Hull and passed a sign said road works starting October 2020 for completion Summer 2020
Its a place to be avoided everywhere is blocked with diverted traffic on the road into Hull its now 40 mph and average speed cameras all the way.
Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
17-Oct-2020 16:19 Message #4795384
Not bad Brundall, but need more ranting.
Average speed cameras, you can lose your licence in 1 trip.

They used to turn alternate ones off, so they classed as many small trips, not 1 long trip.
Who want to go to Hull anyway, did you get lost?
Brundall  Male  Lincolnshire
17-Oct-2020 16:58 Message #4795397
No I just followed the signs and then saw the funnels of the P &O ferry so I headed for that and finished up on the road I wanted.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
17-Oct-2020 20:01 Message #4795407
Your order will arrive about 92 years early. Maybe that will make up for the world's slowest postal delay, posted on 29-Nov-1919 and delivered by Royal Mail (with an apology but no explanation) about 90 years later. In America a letter delivered 53 years late was to a C.C.Moore. (It was the wrong C.C.Moore, and also not the C.C.Moore in "What I don't understand is" on 15-Oct-20 at 13:07.)

By chance, the 2nd time I mentioned Roy "Wrong Way" Riegels, I mistakenly spelled his surname the wrong way, putting the i and first e the wrong way round.

The opposing team's coach shouted to his players "Sit down. Sit down. He's just running the wrong way. Every step he takes is to our advantage". The live radio commentator said "What am I seeing? What's wrong with me? Am I crazy? Am I crazy? Am I crazy?" Later Riegels told Associated Press "I was running toward the sidelines when I picked up the ball. I started to turn to my left toward Tech's goal. Somebody shoved me and I bounded right off into a tackler. In pivoting to get away from him, I completely lost my bearings". It was one of CBS Sports' six "Most Memorable Moments of the Century". The distance he ran is variously called 60, 62, 65 or 69 yards.

Amazingly YouTube has a video of his mistake, e.g. in "Wrong Way Roy"

You can see Riegels talking about his run in a panel show exactly 29 years later (on 01-Jan-1958) in YouTube "Hayden Sisters, Roy Riegels (I've Got a Secret 1/1/58, 1 of 2)" from 9 minutes.

Later players who made a similar mistake are in "NFL "Running The Wrong Way" Moments"
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
17-Oct-2020 21:13 Message #4795409
The whole truth is that the hull of the ferryboat could have led you to hull.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire
18-Oct-2020 00:21 Message #4795414
Well let's hope it's not an item with a "best before" date - it might taste pretty awful!
That's if it arrives any time in the future. (Or the past !!) That's a line from Back to the Future.

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